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The Norvinsk Conflict – EfT story summary made by me about 3 years ago

Content of the article: "The Norvinsk Conflict – EfT story summary made by me about 3 years ago"

Hello so I found this story summary of Tarkov I made a long time ago and after repairing most of the broken english I could find, I tought you might like it as it should still be relevant to the current lore. It is not too impresive and most of the data is already known but I felt some nostalgia about when Tarkov released and it was this amazing Universe that I only knew pieces from their previsious game Contract Wars, and all those good cursed time in the alpha and so one, but enough rabbling, here it is:

Year 2028

With the growing of the Norvinsk’s region,it became a gateway between Russia and Europe,with a big economical importance.As this happened,it favorized the spread of large companies in the region,some of whom conducted suspicious affairs.

The Terra Group is a notorious company that found its way in the region.As suspicions grew around the company’s practices, an investigation was put into motion.

As a result, the company, becoming increasingly worried by this, hired a private military company, that goes under the name of USEC,standing for United Security.Their job was to stop any ongoing investigation about Terra Group’s illegal work.

As a direct response the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR) was formed by the Russian government, and hired by the Norvinsk’s officials to uncover the Terra Group illegal affairs.

Aprox.6 months later

The conflict emerged,and both mercenaries were fighting in armed clashes,in a full

ongoing war. Intel suggests that there is support from outside the region, and a lot of illegal actions are carried out beside the mercenaries there.

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Blood was spilled all over the territory, as the contractors fought in bloody armed battles, both trying to gain control over certain territories.

As the war fought by the mercenaries got to an alarming level, making the political situation very tense to the point where the UN peacekeepers and Internal troops of the Ministry of International Affairs were included in the conflict.

As they got control over territories, unseen borders appeared.Every day new fights emerged.And the situation got quite chaotical.

The armed conflict between the two escalated and the political state of the hole world begun to be quite fragile, due to the conflict, it finally got to the point where the city was evacuated and sealed off,due to the gravity of the situation, both PMCs lost contact with Operational Command and were forced to find a way out of the city on their own.

Unknown date and time

After sealing off the city the mercenaries are still fighting inside, trying to find a path out, and still uncover it’s mysteries that lie within.

There is no more intel about the Norvinsk region and the ongoing war between the two PMCs after the seal off.

But at one point the situation will change,and all the secrets will come to the light once and for all.

P.S. Sorry if there still is some broken english or weird stuff.


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