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The Raid I learned to give.

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There I was, kitted on Customs solo. I had this tricked out MDR in .308, suppressed, a level 4 ACHHC helmet, a Gzhel vest on and a nice rig. I was ready to rock, locked and loaded with M61 and a hunger for loot. I spawned in right next to Pylon, and knew there could be two player spawns right by me, so I waited. Sure enough, I hear someone sprinting. A man runs through the bushes to my left, and I hit him 4-5 times with M61, riddling his body with holes, leaving him laboring for breath as he slumped into a bush right by me. Surely awaiting his imminent demise. It was right then, that I realized something was really off. He fired no shots. I immediately realized what just happened. . . I had assaulted a hatchling with a juiced kit, and couldn't even manage to kill him. . .

I walked over to the bush, towards the sound of his PMC coughing up blood to find a man on his last legs, looking up at me with his hatchet in hand. He knew he was finished, but he laid there still, like a wounded deer. . . I aimed my Eotech on his head, and looked into his pasty face under his non-ballistic replica Fast-MT as I turned my flashlight on to show him the light, and I thought about how scared he must be. . . one more shot, and it was over if the bleeding didn't kill him before then. He didn't even have a vest on. No backpack. No meds to stop his blood loss. . . but something came over me. Something that has never happened before in Tarkov. I felt, sorry. I felt like I had failed to put him down the right way with a well placed head-shot in the first place, and I failed myself in not being able to kill a hatchling in a timely manor. . . I couldn't do it. I didn't deserve to run this kit. I went into my inventory, and I threw him my IFAK. . . He looked at the IFAK, then grabbed it. I watched as he healed himself up, stopping the bleeds as I continued to think about what to do next. I dropped him my MDR, my rig, my vest, my helmet and backpack, grenades, and I gave him a thumbs up, and told him to seize fire in my BEAR voice line. I watched as he equipped all my gear, and checked my mags, before reloading. I keeled down before him, with the intention of allowing him to take me out for the XP, as I looked at the ground. But he didn't. He just looked at me silently. . .

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I stood up, and we looked at each other as he continued heeling. I then soon watched as he began to walk away towards Dorms. I knew I just made his night. But I knew I doomed myself as well. I began hitting stashes, looking for something to protect myself with when I was gunned down by an PMC. . . I could at least rest easy knowing that it wasn't the hatchling, as it was not a suppressed weapon like the MDR I gave him. I died fully accepting my fate, and more fulfilled in that raid that the last 20 combined. It was worth the loss of the gear. I gave a dying man a second chance that perhaps he had never had before. Perhaps a scared new player a taste of what he could have if he kept playing, and kept trying. I too was once a hatchling, coughing up my own blood in Tarkov, only nobody ever gave me a second chance like that. . . I just hope whoever he was, that he made it out alive. It would be the cherry on top to find my whole kit back in insurance later on, knowing he may have used it to kill a more juiced player, and hid my kit out of respect. But, I can't expect that. I just hope in the least he made it out alive.


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