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The Skill System (idea for a new approach to skill gains)

Content of the article: "The Skill System (idea for a new approach to skill gains)"

Edit: I don't want to talk down on any other play styles. Do what you enjoy, I just wanted to make a point about the distribution of Skill points to the various play styles!

TLDR: make Skill Point gain reset every 7ish minutes, so players that enjoy longer raids can have the same gains as players that die quick (new players) or like to leave the raid very early (Factory/kill exit).

Right now the Skill System rewards quick raids and well dying. You can only gain around 3 points per raid and for skills like Endurance and Strength and Attention that is done in a matter of 1-2 minutes. 3 Points Endurance is roughly the distance from Big Red to RUAF. Boom now you are capped for the rest of the raid. If you already killed a player or found a fuel… you Strength gains are also already maxed out. Same goes for Attention and other skills (Recoil Control, Health, etc.).

Now with the System that prevents players from cheesing we all get punished, but especially players who like to hang around in a raid and live for longer periods of time. I will give you the example of me and my friend. My friend started this wipe with Tarkov and well went through the process of learning and dying. Dying A LOT. He has roughly 1800 raids played, is level 53 and has Endurance and Attention on Elite level. Me on the other hand, I have 900 raids played, I am level 59 with a pretty high Survival Rate and well even though I am higher level and stayed in raids way longer than him my Endurance is at 38. Now that doesn't come from me not sprinting, that is because it is capped at 3.

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So my suggestions would be to change the skill system so that all players are rewarded more equally. I would like to see a skill gain reset every 7ish min. (starting value, if players start cheesing again go a little higher, if not even a bit lower, I think 6min should be the minimum though). From then on every 7 min. the timer resets all skill gains back to 129%. This way, if a player is on Factory, kills 2 dudes, leaves, joins a new raid and does the same again… doesn't gain more Skill Points than the person that basically does the same, but on a larger map and stays on the map after.

Right now you can gain 3 points within minutes, die or leave (Factory), join again and gain another 3 points. With the new system, the max. possible skill points per raid would be around 15-18 points depending on the raid length.

This would equally reward players that want quick raids and players that enjoy longer raids.

What do you all think? Right now I really don't like being punished for what cheesers did and I would really like to see a change to the system.

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