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This game is more fun when

When you take nikitas advice. Get used to death. I took it a little different. Get used to spending money. Im a hoarder. 110 mil gear for days. I haven't gear fear in a long time, but I just didn't like "wasting" money. So I always ran cheap guns and armor. This stuff can work, but it can also be inconsistent. Its like choosing between m80 and m61, one works but once you've tasted unstoppable power, m80 just dont hit the same.

Backstory provided. Now a couple weeks ago, my friends got on me about how much money I have and how I never spend it. Eventually they convinced me to use a couple meta kits. Slicks, HKs, stuff like that. Typically gear I never use. So I spent like 5 mil on slicks and then started buying guns. Overall I spent 7-8mil. I got done buying stuff and said, "wow I don't feel anything". If I had lost 10 mil dying raid after raid and building new guns each time, I probably would have been tilted. This time was different. I didn't feel anything. After using all the kits, dying with all of it eventually to random tarkov bull crap, I've gone back to what I normally run and I must say, dying just doesn't feel the same anymore.

The biggest thing I want to emphasize with this is, don't worry about the number in the corner. Worry about your goals in this game, whether that's to be the alpha rat, the omega chad, or just to have fun. Whatever your doing in tarkov, don't be scared of spending roubles.

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All I've been trying to do is get better by picking apart what I do wrong, and thats hard to do when I'm complaining about how much money I've lost. I still get upset when something dumb gets me killed, (lag, ks flashes, random corner campers) but sometimes you play the best you can and still die. Although even if you did play the best you could, that doesn't it couldn't have been better.

Just before you smash your keyboard into your monitor after you die, remember that roubles don't matter. Roubles don't equal fun, and neither do roubles equal being good at the game, trust me. Just do your best, and do better next time, but most importantly…get used to death. See you in raid.


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