Escape from Tarkov

This game is not punishing enough, dying should hurt more

After reading all these posts about people wanting to break other players' weapons and armor just so that they wouldn't get them back from insurance, I came to the conclusion that these posts shed light on one of the greatest issues currently with the game. Luckily I came up with a much better solution: There should be an option for shitting inside people's backpacks. This would be great because if you kill someone and loot the stuff you need from them, they still get the remainig items back. How cool would it be if there was some kind of an indicator of how full of shit the backpack was and the more shit you have in that backpack (from the bottom up) the more tiles in said backpack would become shit-smeared (of course the bigger the backpack the larger the amount of shit it would take to fill it). Here comes the best part: if you put something in the shit-smeared part of the backpack, it would also become shit-smeared. There could be different debuffs, all depending what type of item is shit-smeared: we already discussed what happens with shit-smeared backpacks (same would apply for rigs), but for instance if a weapon gets covered in shit it could have a greater chance of jamming; if visors, glasses, sights etc. get smeared with the stuff, then they would become harder to see through because of the shitstains; there could also be a general debuff for all shit-covered items: all shit-smeared items would lose x amount of ergonomy per item since shit-covered stuff are smelly and slippery; also if you have enough shitty items on you, your character would periodically groan in pain because of the smell, thus revealing his position. In addition, you could only sell shit-smeared items for a quarter of their normal price and you couldn't put them on the flea. In order to wash off the shit from your items you'd need to use water, soap and toilet paper in the lavatory and washing one item would take about an hour.

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Now back to the "shitting" part of the system; in order for it to be realistic, generally you'd only be able to shit a smaller amount at once, and there would be a small cooldown period between shittings. This period could be shortened with leveling up the metabolism skill, along with eating and drinking and, to be extremely realistic, consuming certain combinations of foods and drinks would greatly shorten the cooldown time (for example eating Tushonka with milk).

If you find several backpacks in severe need of a good shitting-in next to each other, there should be an option for shitting only a small amount into each backpacks, then you could put the players' items into the backpacks and shake them thorougly with an animation, which would make a great deal of noise since all the items would be rattling inside the backpacks, but the trade-off is that all of the items inside would become shit-smeared even though only the bottom areas of the backpacks would be covered in shit.

The negative aspect of shitting would be that afterwards your ass would be covered in shit too, giving your pmc a slight debuff, but you can counter it by coming prepared and bringing toilet paper with you, which you could use for wiping after the work is done.

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tl;dr: There should be an option for shitting inside other people's backpacks for the purpose of making their day worse.


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