Escape from Tarkov

This game is super great. Best game ever.

Content of the article: "This game is super great. Best game ever."

Since all shit on BSG, i would just say thanks to Nikita and hes team for what Escape from tarkov have become.

I played on and off since 2018, back then you would be happy if you got 60 FPS. Back then you would be happy if your game didnt crash to some unexpected server error, back then you would be happy if the game didnt stutter all the time.

So on the optimization part they are so far now. I run the game fluent on 120 fps constantly with no stutter at all (granted i got a pretty big pc but still)

Futhermore i would actually say thanks to Nikita for being the first developer team who actually take your time to talk with the community, Cause lets be honest? Do any of you guys see other companies doing this? I dont… Do you see blizzard CEO have podcasts with content creators about there games? NO.Do you see EA games doing this? Or how about Valve? Or how about Nintendo, ubisoft, sony or any other? People in here say that BSG dont tell what they are doing, sorry but its simply not true. People are just not listing to Nikitas podcasts. Nikita even freaking learned english just for you guys to be able to get information about what happen with the implementations etc

Futhermore i love all these new changes which made the game super much harder, and removed meta gaming with M4 and val guns, sure its harder to make money… So what? Cant you have top end gear on all the time? Well to bad. Or dont you wanna grind so much? well to bad. Nikita have said many times this game isnt for the majority of people, but the hardcore player base. As far as i remember he rather wanted 20K players in a hardcore game then make 100K players satisfied.

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If you want a easy shooter gamer that dont req grind to have endgear, go play COD, CS, valorant etc.

And for the cheaters, i see way less cheaters this season the last season..There isnt even a comprising, sure there is still cheaters, and there is in ALL games. Why are people going so bad shit crazy on BSG and nikita over this? Do you guys understand how anti cheat and cheat works. When they come with Anti cheat there is always new hackers who come with cheats thats goes around that anti-cheat… its a constant battle between the hackers/cheaters and the companies… Stop blame em for other people hack there game and codes.

Anyway i think i just wanted to put a positive post in to this sub between all the hate there is towards Nikita and hes team.

Keep it up Nikita, remember reddit haters are a small part of the community of Tarkov.


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