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This Streamers vs “Everyone Else” War

Content of the article: "This Streamers vs “Everyone Else” War"

We're clearly having a bit of a war between people who disagree with the streamers and streamers who are giving advice on what they think is best based on their experiences with the game and sometimes even their experiences with the dev team itself.

I'd like to preface this by saying, yes there are some people who are inherently just going to hate on streamers regardless of their ideas and not care to converse. And there are streamers who don't know jack shit and just wanna force their opinions down everyone's throat. However this clearly isn't the majority.

Specifically I'd like to call attention to the 2 posts in the past 24 hours. The one by u/Slushpuppylive and one by u/azaz3025. This should be obviously because both have represented a huge split in opinions and have both shared the #1 spot on the front page of the subreddit.

I personally agree and believe wholeheartedly that both individuals really just want to improve the game for everyone. I don't believe azaz is simply harboring hatred for streamers and trying to rouse that even more. I don't think Slushpuppy is trying to silence others and just force his opinion through either. They both clearly care, but here's a huge issue I've noticed with Slushpuppy's reaction to this controversy:

You say you're trying to create conversation and establish something good for the game, but outside your own post on this subreddit you have displayed none of that(in this specific instance). There have been many good points by people in azaz's post that I think really disprove Slushpuppys idea of working, however the only way he has recognized this is with very few half-assed responses that don't care to actually engage in conversation against his opinion and just wants to blame it on streamer hate. Maybe he just thinks he'll get trolled and downvoted into oblivion, but that displays a ENORMOUS lack of faith in the community to engage in conversation. Had Slushpuppy actually taken the opportunity to discuss things with some of these alternate view points, I think we could have had something wonderful. Instead all we get as half-assed blame game shit and it almost seems like instead we're just trying to surround ourselves in validation, which is clearly not a form of constructive discussion. There was some constructive discussion under Slushpuppy's post with people that disagreed and worked to find common ground, but really the majority of it was support while completely differing opinions got drowned until there was a completely new popular post.

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This isn't intended to hate on Slushpuppy, I enjoy his streams, his advice and viewpoints. I think it's noble to create discussion to find a way to improve the game. But it just seems extremely contradictory to say that and then basically ignore an entire side of the community that has completely valid arguments and discussions against yours.


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