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To the friendly PMC on interchange

Content of the article: "To the friendly PMC on interchange"

Just had a loot raid where I got a bad spawn but decided to run to the tech loot anyway, with just a pistol and a back pack. I loot a graphics card at tex and head upstairs.

Tech light mostly looted so I head over to ultra medical to wait for the power to be turned on, there was a cute little PMC with no gun waiting in the corner. I give him a little wiggle, he gives me a little wiggle. And we wait for a minute.

Immediate stomping up the escalators ensue, there’s nothing this guy can do to help me, so I use my trusty rat m9 to Juan tap the oncoming PMC and let my new found friend loot his body.

The power isn’t being turned on so we head back downstairs and have a fight with another PMC, this time he lets me loot the body. We are now moderately budget geared but still rocking trash ammo, a PMC rushes us from the left and I start laying suppressing fire, he backs off cause he’s too scared of the new make shift duo. But the fire draws out two more PMCs.

We wait, lurking in the dark for the right moment to pounce, we are in the empty store opposite tex, and they’re giving off sound cues like they’re in ramussen so we wait a couple mins but it turns out my new friend has a very low attention span and is getting impatient, he wants to push, we are both bears so we can’t use voice commands we just have the right wave length and I follow him as he heads out for war.

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He lays absolute lead into one of the PMCs and drops back to reload so I take this opportunity to wide peak the other guy and lay a few taps of m855 into his head.

We have prevailed. 4PMC kills with my new friend within 5 mins, we loot up and head to extract, half way through OLI I drop him my graphics card loot because he deserved it, what a champ.

We continue to head for extract and he gives me a greeting with his username, but I didn’t quite catch it in time and I wasn’t quite sure how to give him mine. So we exchange a few Russian words and extract together, likely never to be seen again.

I hope the graphics card is put to good use, and I thank you for quite possibly the best player interaction I’ve had in tarkov yet.


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