Escape from Tarkov

To the struggling players, Current and Future. I hope you read this.

Content of the article: "To the struggling players, Current and Future. I hope you read this."

You can learn the maps now, or be confused as hell when the next wipe happens

You can learn how the guns work, or always be a subpar fighter

You can learn loot spots, or forever stay poor.

You can learn to be a GOOD player, or you can fall from the ranks as a BAD one.

Tarkov does not Baby you. You signed up for a hardcore (semi)realistic shooter. You should have known this going into it, and if you didnt, i am sorry for you. the game is not for the faint of heart. There is no skill based matchmaking, no level based matchmaking, nor player amount matchmaking. Life is not fair, and neither is Tarkov.

I have significant experience in tarkov, and i assure you, i am just as confident shredding baby pmcs at the beginning of wipe vs endgame. The wipe will not help you. The gear on our backs does not make us gods, the game knowledge which allows us to farm that gear is what makes us so good.

People like to look at it as "i didnt get to start with everyone so i am immediately helpless and need my hand held so that the big scary pmcs dont shred me".

Fuck. That. mentality.

Get up. stand on your own two feet. learn how to fight. learn how to loot. and make every achievement your own. You do not need to be coddled.

If you cant do that, solicit the help of fellow pmcs. Plenty of us will help you, and if you want "professional" help, there are sherpas (bsg verified guides that will teach you the ins and outs, you can find them on bsgs website i believe)

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at the end of the day, there is always someone who plays more than you, therefore has more gear than you, and is therefore in a better position to win in a fight over you. This is how the game, (and the world for that matter) works.

And for those of you thinking of quitting, you are certainly allowed to, nobody will care nor try to stop you. Giving up does nothing, and for that matter, it doesnt even hurt this game bexause it has plenty of new players all the time. you leaving diminishes the pool of bad players, and us veterans have to adapt to more skill and talent in the matchmaking pools, making us better than ever before, which then new players join, and the cycle repeats. If anything, you leaving makes the game better because of a higher talent pool, forcing players to get better and better. Driving the skill gap higher and higher.(Similar to how csgo has thrived for so long if you want a good example.)

And finally, some closing remarks: we all started where you are. Simple as that. Every single player in tarkov started out poor as fuck, and confused as fuck.

But we all learned. Which brings me full circle: Learning the game is the single most important factor. Money itself is nothing compared to knowledge of how to obtain it. Do not stress about being the best player in tarkov, because you most likely will never be that person (and im certainly not giving up my rank without a fight 👍)

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TL;DR: players who dont put in time to learn tarkov, will never be good at tarkov.

Thanks for reading to here, take a pat on the back 🙂


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