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Trader reworks would bring so much life and longevity to the game

Having played tarkov since 2018, one of my biggest and continuous frustrations is the traders. Before the flea market they felt not very usable, and after the flea market they feel like an afterthought at best, only useful for items that are price gouged on the flea. It's really a shame because traders have so much potential to be a fun, driving force of the game and provide better long term health and goals to the game.

What's wrong:

Traders, at best, feel all over the place. Let me give a few examples. The MP9 is available at Peacekeeper 2, which you can get at level 14 at the earliest. However, the only magazines you can get are 20 round magazines. You get access to 25 and 30 round magazines at level 23, which is 3 levels after the flea. The MP9 being a submachine gun with a 900 RPM fire rate, anything below 25 really isn't going to do the trick. So the MP9 is pretty much useless even though you can buy it. Even at level 3 the muzzle flash makes it almost unusable, and the ONLY suppressor isn't available until Mechanic 3 at level 30 (I personally don't see it on the flea very often). It makes no sense to have a gun you have access to at level 14 not be even remotely usable until level 30 (an absolutely HUGE gap in terms of leveling and time). There are many other examples like having access to MOE handguards at level 14 without having access to MLOK rails until level 20, or having a 20 round mp7 magazine available at level 1 without having access to an MP7.

Additionally quests feel…. boring. Some quests are fun, and others are just a means of xp to unlock the next level. I won't really go too much into quests since I know that has been beat to death, and most people agree they could use a little love.

What's good:

At best, traders are an extremely cheap alternative to price gouged parts on the flea market. Building AKs with level 3 traders is a dream, and ammo can often be half as expensive. Moments like these make you realize the potential of traders. Selling items is quick and a great way to make some money if something isn't found in raid, or you don't want to wait for it to sell on the flea. Building a gun fully from trader parts is very satisfying and I feel very pleased with myself when I don't have to turn to the flea except for the occasional suppressor.


I've heard this idea before, so I'm not trying to claim credit for this, but having a leveling system for weapons, or quests more focused on unlocking specific items would be great. This makes sense in a few ways.

  1. It makes sense within the world of tarkov. If you show weapon proficiency to a trader, they would be more likely to give you better parts and better ammo. Why is Peacekeeper going to give you his nice Quakemaker or RIP rounds if he thinks those bullets are just going to end up in the ground. Or why is prapor going to sell you a SVDS if you've never shot anything over 200M? In my mind it makes sense that in a world with limited resources, these traders wouldn't be handing out their best stuff to just anyone.
  2. It would slow down the end game in a meaningful way. Instead of just pushing the flea higher and higher, how about we let people have access to nice parts if they work for it. Instead of just unlocking tons of stuff at random levels, place end game ammo, parts, and weapons behind quests and skills. This way you feel an actual sense of progression instead of wondering why you can buy parts for guns you don't have access too.

Overall I feel like this would give a lot of life and viability to the game. So many many things feel so useless because parts and ammo are locked behind arbitrary walls and it's basically just a race to level 20 to get what you want. I love the ASH-12 and have never picked it up because the only viable bullets for it are so unreasonably expensive. But if I knew I just had to deal with the shitty bullets for a while to get to the good stuff, it might actually make it worth it. It would also bring some life to less used guns. If you have to use the MP9 to get access to the vector maybe some people might actually find something they liked playing with they would have never tried before. It might also bring more diversity to the game later in wipes. You might be working on your AK skill tree while someone else is working on their DMR skill tree, instead of only seeing meta weapons one week into wipe.

The downsides of this are I'm not entirely sure of how this would work with traders like therapist and ragman. With the current state of the flea market this may also provide some hindrance. The other big negative is the diversity that is inherent to tarkov. Part of the fun of tarkov is there isn't any classes, and you can just sort of switch weapons whenever you please and try something new. This would make it harder to do that, but I think the trade off is worth it. I don't think you should be able to wake up one day and say fuck it I'll just run meta M1As today, and be able to just because you're a high level.


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