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Hey there folks! My name is LogicalSolutions and I moderate for a few EFT streamers ~ some of you may know me from the "Girth Gang". About a month or so ago, I added a command to LVNDMARK's channel that utilized the API to give the chat sort-of-live price checking… this slowly caught on and seemed to be pretty popular as it was our top command used and I also was asked quite often on how I got it to work, how I added it, etc.

Last week I decided, well, as much as having this is borderline unique, I rather not be selfish and share it with the community in a whole. I cannot share my URL's that I use for fetching the data BUT I can share the bot.. the bot is now accessible by anybody and can be added to your own Twitch Channels with just a few clicks. Head over to and click "EFT Bot" for more info on how to add (or remove) the bot from your channel.

Bot Command Usage

The bot has very basic and has only one moderation command which you can find below. Currently all commands with Type of cooldown are all under the same cooldown. This means that if any command with Type cooldown is used successfully all other commands with Type of cooldown are under cooldown. Each channel has their own cooldown.

Command Type Usage
!astat cooldown Retrieves in-game ammo flesh and penetration values. Ex: !astat 9x19 RIP
!medical cooldown Retrieves medical item use time. Ex: !medical surv
!price cooldown Retrieves flea market price. Ex: !price Slick
!slot cooldown Retrieves price per slot of item based off the flea market. Ex: !slot Slick
!wiki cooldown Retrieves EFT Wiki Link of item requested. Ex: !wiki slick
!help information Display the help message.
!eftbot information Display the help message.
!setCD** information Sets the cooldown of the bot.

Commands denoted with ** are reserved to "Moderators" and the"Streamer" of the channel the bot is in.

Note – All cooldown commands do not require exact search entries. Some examples can be found below:

  • !astat 995 >> The flesh damage of 5.56x45 M995 is: 40 and the armor penetration is: 53.
  • !astat 545×39 BS >> The flesh damage of 545x39 BS is: 40 and the armor penetration is: 51.
  • !medical prop >> The usage time of Surv12 is: 20 seconds.
  • !price slick >> The price of LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (80/80) is: 390,000 roubles.
  • !slot slick >> The price per slot of LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (80/80) is: 43333 rubles.
  • !wiki >> The link to the wiki is

I really hope everybody enjoys this as much as the communities I've had it in while I was in the development and testing stages. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to post here or DM me on Discord. Also… somebody please help me pick a good name for the bot QQ

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