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unpopular opinion: Rip my karma already but the Subreddit hardcore overreacted yesterday

First of all I want to say that I do agree that just pulling out a live patch like this was wrong.They should've refunded all the LEDX that were already handover and lower the requirement for the item case in general.However, I think the subreddit hardcore overreacted without even knowing the reason for the change.As Pestily already tweeted out – there are still over 6 months left for this wipe to grind anything you want. It's not game breaking. Storage is not a PvP advantage nor a economic advantage.The game is in the Beta. There is a huge warning when you are in the lobby that says the game isn't done yet. Things will change and there will be bigger more drastically changes in the future.Yes it is annoying to have a slightly disadvantage over others that already got the THICC cases but can you please realize the fact that these guys have it because they played 10x as much as others did?They have a huge advantage in general over you because guess what – it is a grind game and the more you play the more you get out of this game.That's also why /slushpuppy deleted his T H I C C case to show that it's really not a big deal especially for those that already have finished the task.

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I personally am a little disappointed of the Community overreacting that much literally forcing the Developer Team to revert the changes without even having a chance to tell us the reason because guess what – it would've probably be hated anyway no matter how good the reason was.

I really recommend to anyone that was super mad yesterday to maybe take especially not fight / economy growth changes less serious. Grind Items can always be accomplished sooner or later.The game will change a lot and the developers might have good reasons for it.We all play this game because it's very hard and not as easy as other games + for the grind.Let's not forget that please.I hate to say this but : If you have problems with the game getting harder I really recommend to take a break until full release.


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