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Watching a hacker play is indistinguishable from watching a good player play (videos included)

Content of the article: "Watching a hacker play is indistinguishable from watching a good player play (videos included)"

A kill cam is not proof of hacking. Let me explain…

The only way you can visually spot a hacker is if their OBS suddenly includes the hack in the broadcasting scene. Here are a a couple of examples (>15 cases on these links):

  • .

  • .

  • .

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  • !

Note that these hackers are streamers. You can even read their chats (

@ 1:10 defending how good their favorite streamer is by saying things like: 'easy to control the recoil if you know the pattern'). Literally, moments after his OBS started to project the cheating program.

This is when people get confused. They think that a kill cam will show the cheating app… when in fact… you will only see someone being super aggressive. Go watch Dinez or QuattroAce playing EFT on labs. Two players I admire. Both of them are hyper aggressive and it would be impossible to say they are cheating. I'm NOT saying they are… I'm just saying it's extremely difficult to tell just by watching them play.

Other things that watching a replay does not account for are: chance, luck, jump scares, fear, game awareness, map knowledge, map timings (you know… that feeling of this must be happening now… why is it not happening now?). All of these circumstances can feel like the other person is hacking.

Most importantly… that time you thought someone was hacking… did you check your corners? Really? You played perfectly? Really? Can you share that replay so we can better understand your point of view? <— This is extremely important. Some people gloss over this entire post without proof and only a feeling. I hate hackers two, but that doesn't mean we need to turn EFT into the next COD / Valorant / R6:S, PUBG, Battlefield, etcetera. <— see etcetera. NONE of those games have what eft has. No kill cam is part of it.

Let's talk plainly here.

  • Macros. The proof for this hack is through keyboard + mouse loggers. Watch the consistency, precision, timing, and speed of the user actions. This works well for poorly programed macro's. Specially those without randomness baked in.
  • Gamma. I wish EFT shared some statistics… how many of you use some sort of app to change the gamma? To see further… to see clearer… <— This is cheating. Even if you don't consider it to be a cheat. It's cheating. Some applications are already blacklisted by BSG. You can't use them and if you do the game will close.
  • Audio. I'm skipping this one. Nothing you can do about it. Except, maybe block the apps like you do with gamma apps?
  • Hacks. They can be crowd hacks (pay a subscription), or private hacks (pay a coder or DIY). These are the most diverse and most game breaking cheats.
    • Aimbot = headshot machine.
    • Trigger bot = You aim, the machine pulls the trigger.
    • ESP = You can watch people through walls.
    • Radar = You can get either visual or hearing aids that pin-point nearby enemies.
    • Warning systems = Get warned if anyone has visuals on you.

Everyone is worried about the last one. It's the most destructive way to play. It ruins the fun for everyone. A lot of streamers pay top dollar for private hacks. So their particular code isn't detected. You can watch their stream 24/7 and never get a sniff of a cheat. Best case, you will think something is suspicious. It's unlikely you will catch them just by watching their gameplay… the only way you will have proof is if their streaming software fails and starts to broadcast the app over your stream. But that only works with streamers… everyone else is immune to that issue.

So how do you deal with hackers?


You submit code examples to BSG. Send them an email: 'Hey, found this new hack on the wild this is the code, this is the username and password to access the server OR I got it from X'

BSG, takes the code. Reverse engineers it and waits.

But why wait? ಥ_ಥ

You need to wait so that your net is cast wide. You want to punish as many hackers as possible. You want their user base to feel like it's unsafe to use. You want to be quick, but not too quick.

Say you enter a hacking group where a cheat is being distributed and shortly after you enter it… the cheat goes offline… Remember, hackers are making a living out of selling those hacks… how long will it take them to get new customers and/or find the rat?

Another option is that BSG it self or whomever deals with their anti cheatings software gets the cheat and starts to work on it.

Regardless of how BSG / antihacking app obtains the hack… it's usually the first step. The next step is determining if they can patch their software… and that's where the issues come. The software is not proprietary. BSG will need to work with Unity and that takes time. So further delays on the banwave.

Other games have this time delay issue… their solution is ban broadcasting. Letting users know on a daily bases who was banned. Just look at R6:S hacks where super bad. The QQ'ing on the forums was daily. Everything was horrible until they stopped dumping a giant list of ban waves and started to release the names in batches every day.

So why am I and others so against the idea of any sort of kill cam (during the match, post match, or several hours/days after the match) ?

  • It diverts resources (time, human resources, money) away from finishing the game.
  • Reports generated could either be: false, unsatisfactory / inconclusive, or true.
  • You can watch a streamer hacking for months / years with no proof unless their streaming software suddenly streams the hacking app… it's even worst with a kill cam. So the system bogs down.
  • If you want a replay, what's wrong with Nvidia's Shadowplay? Microsoft's Game Bar? Oh I know… you want to see who killed you. Get a glimpse of their gear. Get a glimpse of their position. Oh… wait… you want the kill cam after the match… What's wrong with Shadowplay then? You want to see the suspected hacker play the rest of the match? So what? Haven't we established a streamer can hack for months / years right to your face and you would be non the wiser?
  • So let's create an entire system to expose the dumb hackers? Really? With all the content coming down the pipeline… with all the performances issues (server/client)… you want this?


I say… what makes you think nothing is being done?

Just stay calm. BSG is working on it.


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