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We need some trader balance for low loyalty levels.

Content of the article: "We need some trader balance for low loyalty levels."

I've played this game for over 2 years and the trader inventories always make me confused when it comes to weapons and mods. Lets look at a 5 round toz mag. That's a LL3 item. Unlocked after you get 5 round box mags for a semi auto shotgun that is significantly better. Don't worry though, you can get 4 round mags… at LL2… How about a stock for an SKS? That's also a LL3 item. Unlocked after you can mod a vepr to do the same job with the same ammo but better. Do you want a 30 round Kedr magazine? That's a LL2 barter only item but you can also grind to LL3 if you want to spend rubles. Ya know, after you have access to 30 round magazines for most of the other guns.

All of these are LL1 guns but they have mods that require grinding into the mid to late game. It's goofy. This also makes early LL1 and LL2 gameplay pretty dull. Mods add variety to gun play and raid investment but you don't get that early on. You just end up running 2 or 3 of the guns that are "ok" without mods. It also makes low level players easier targets than they should be. If a level 5 has to wait half a second for his SKS to recover from recoil but the level 30 he's fighting doesn't, that level 5 is dead. If that same level 5 can equip a flashlight to that SKS to blind that level 30, he increases his odds a ton. He can't though. He needs LL2 Jeager to buy the socom rail mount.

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I think it would benefit the game a ton to move low level gear mods down the progression ladder to a more accessible and useful loyalty level. The early game would be a lot more fun if you had the option of doubling the cost of an SKS with the fab defense stock at LL1. You should be able to mod the hell out of a pump action shotgun at LL1. It will still be worthless but it will look rad. Why not be able to lightly mod an AKS74U early on when it's the only AK you can get consistently? Obviously, you shouldn't be able to mod all guns in the game at LL1. It should be limited to a few select guns which should work fairly well since many mods are pretty specific to just 1 or 2 low tier guns. Those are the mods that could be LL1 or LL2. Not the ones that work on every AK or ar-15 style rifle. Avoiding barters on these mods would also be ideal. Barters are great for high level items but digging around filing cabinets to find 1 of 8 items needed to get 1 low level foregrip kinda sucks.


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