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We would not have had these “scandals” if BSG used the official forums for feedback.

Content of the article: "We would not have had these “scandals” if BSG used the official forums for feedback."

Quick disclaimer – I am a 4+ years time supporter of this game. New redditor, though, because of the neglection of official forum.

Pretty much what the title says.

– BSG completely neglects official forums, locks threads etc.

– BSG unofficially makes reddit "official" feedback forum.

– Nikita all of a sudden replies to threads on reddit personally (I am yet to see this on official forum).

– Nikita on dev stream – "Game is for the hardcore community, It won't be easy…" etc. etc.

– Nikita markets the game to casual audience with Twitch events.

– Twitch events start, attracts immense crowd of casual players (casual is not a bad word, be calm).

– Said casual audience has no clue to what the game is and what are they about to experience.

– Logically they are very much not satisfied.

– "Riots" ensue. Everyone has a tantrum on reddit.

– Nikita – *surprised picachu face* "Community hates me"

My questions here are:

– Why did BSG never used the official forum for feedback?

– Why having a more "regulated" environment would be bad for feedback? (Regulated as in you have to register etc. put some effort) I am asking this, because I've seen it here as an argument. "But you can have one account a be a part of multiple communities.". Yes this is very much true, but is it healthy?

– Do you seriously believe as a community that by letting every single dude out there, that maybe even did not play the game, maybe just watched streams last 1 year, that each one of them should have a tribunal and express their ill informed "opinions" on something they do not understand, they do not like, they do not enjoy?

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– Is a Thicc case really a concern of the "core" community? Is this the most important aspect of this game? The thicc case reward? Do you think this would've happened on the official forum?

I am very confused as to what BSG is trying to accomplish with this "strategy". Do they expect to "turn" casual gamers in to "hardcore" ones? That is not happening and for a good reason. Some people just want to RELAX by playing games and this is completely fine. I guess one way or the other they got misled to thinking this is the game for that, when we all know it is not. Why would BSG reach to those people while they are clearly out of their "target audience"?

In my opinion what BSG is currently doing is trying to appeal to both communities which we all know it is impossible. Do they want the "casual" community, do they want the "milsim" one, the "hardcore" one? All I see is how (judging by reddit threads) you are alienating the "core" community (as in early backers who very well know what the payed for/supported) and attracting people who will not like the game, because this is not the thing they are looking for.

Let's have a civil discussion here. I am extremely confused and I am very interested about people's opinion on this matter.

Good luck in your raids!


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