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Weird thing on the last Podcast i wanted to talk about.

Content of the article: "Weird thing on the last Podcast i wanted to talk about."

At the end of the stream, Pestily was complaining about the LPS Gzh mosin round. His reasoning: It costs him 4000 Roubles to kill an unarmored player using 3 rounds of M995, but that player running a mosin can drop him through his level 5 Killa vest in a single chest shot with a round that only costs 240 Roubles. This bothers him personally so he brings it up with Nikita at the very end when all other things have been talked about. Another streamer chimed in suggesting a new price of 1000 roubles for LPS, but his argument was that "this round isnt being produced anymore so it should be expensive" and that got shut down by nikita educating him on the abundance of this surplus soviet ammo.

Despite that, Nikita then upped the price on LPS from 240 RUB to the current 446 RUB a few seconds after pestily complained about this specific issue thats bothering him personally. Its a really insignificant change since mosin ammo is bought in low quanitites and wont break anyones bank, but still Pestily knows theres nothing wrong with the round itself and that it should go through his vest, and he also seems to acknowledge how abundant and therefore cheap this ammo is in the tarkov universe due to soviet surplus so he undersands why it was cheap and why it is supposed to be cheap, he just doesnt like getting killed by mosin players so he used his position as the biggest streamer to influence Nikita into making a live change for him personally on stream that he hopes will end up causing him to run into less LPS Gzh in his raids. No questions asked.

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I love these streams, and i adore Nikita but streamers should not influence BSG directly like that because even a genuinley good guy like Pestily will abuse that power at some point as this incident proves. Its very good to listen to suggestions and get inspiration for changes on stream, but direct and specific requests like these should rather be ignored by Nikita instead of executed immediatley. This change is entirely insignificant, but the next one may not be. EFT is the livelyhood of these guys so theyre even more passionate about the game than most of us, thats why Pest was clearly abusing his relationship with Nikita there to get some kind of minor thing tailored towards him as a fulltime streamer who constantly gets killed by mosin runners using that round.


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