Escape from Tarkov

Welcome to the event. We’ll be taking your gun.

The title says it all (I've already reported the bug).

After a raid where I destroyed Reshala and his boys, then got murdered trying to freighter all the goodies home, I decided to do one more raid before bed, I couldn't end it like that. So I grabbed an AKS-74U from Prapor insurance, modded the weapon, insured all my gear and was ready to rock.

A few minutes later, I'm on Customs where I'm ready to shoot with my Red Re… Red Rebel?? On checking my inventory, there's a severe lack of pew pew anywhere in sight, and I had spawned in the worst possible place… the far corner of the trailer park. Realising that something really wrong had happened, I force quit and reload to hopefully get my gun back. The load screen shows me holding my AKS-74U… with no handguard?! I'm back in the game but without my weapon… it was me and Picky McPickerson until the end. Aware that there are a few weapon spawns in the storage area and Big Red, I throw all my gear in the bush I spawned in, and go in search of a weapon, knowing full well that any and every PMC or event god-scav could neutralise my unarmoured self.

My first destination was Big Red, as there are two places where a weapon could spawn. On entering the main door, I look up to see the office has been opened, so throw all caution into the wind and try and loot underneath the offices and the far corner, but no weapons. I hurriedly rush out of the side door and through the gap in the wall into the garages to check the back of a car, but nothing. I make my way into the blue garage to check the weapon box, but again I'm greeted with nothing… except footsteps from the gap in the wall which abruptly stop as I close the box to hear if they are still approaching. I hear nothing, so I quietly walk up to the door, Red Rebel in hand, then stutter-step the gap to see no one there. I hurriedly sprint to the final weapon box I know of in the middle row of the compound, but again I luck out. Realising that the only option I now had was to confront the source of the footsteps, I gingerly make my way to the sofa to hopefully sneak up on my nightmare.

As I lean left around the bins, I see someone, and they are wearing red. A scav! There is one more obstacle between him and myself, so I once again sneak my still unarmoured self up to the last remaining cover, and in a mixture of adrenaline and panic Shift-W up to him and pick him in the head… but he doesn't die, and he's pissed! I hit him again, and the nightmare ends… for now. My companion for the raid will now be a maximum 55 durability VPO-209 with FMJ ammo. I pick up everything he has, given that I had nothing on me, and sprint back to my temporary bush camp.

I sit in hiding as I try to find everything on the ground and rearrange my gear. I drop the scav vest and duffle bag, and return to my loving armoured vest and MBSS backpack. My gun is on my back slot rather than my sling slot though, so I swap it forward. Panic ensues as the weapon flashes in both slots… the nightmare isn't over. I close my inventory and reopen it, but it's still flashing, and I can't select the weapon. I force restart my game for the second time, hoping that I haven't lost a second weapon at spawn. The screen fades in from black, and I'm welcomed by the structure of a VPO-209 in my PMC's hands. OK, no touching the weapon!

With the only thing on my mind being extracting, I double-tap O… 28 minutes left!! I had lost almost half the raid, a hazy fog had appeared, and it was beginning to rain. I make my way to the river not knowing where anyone is, and opt to cross at the APC crossing with the thought that no player would be crazy enough to sit around there to get popped by a scav. I successfully cross but before I even start climbing the bank, I hear an angry scav. I slowly creep up to the railings, and between the rails I see a superscav wearing a helmet, ready to ruin my day. I try my best to get my iron sights between the railing and underneath his helmet, knowing that I didn't have the penetration for either. I take a couple shots, and he's downed. I can breathe a sigh of… "OPACHKI!" A second catches me off guard and I spray as semi-automatically fast as I can in the general direction of the voice, and somehow get away with it.

After a moment to check the immediate area and gather myself, I go to loot. I am rewarded with an antique vase for my troubles, and he has a 5.45 weapon, perfect! Knowing that my sling slot is bugged, I drop my VPO-209. I drop my VPO-209… I can't drop the weapon, and now I'm in potential scav territory with no weapon, and old construction is overlooking my area. I need an emergency restart, so I run down the bank and into the hole towards the bridge where I can camp in another bush. I force restart again, and have to wait more minutes to get back into the game.

As I'm loading back into the game, it has now started raining heavily, and hear the obvious sound of a scav screeching to a halt very close to me. I have my VPO-209 in my hands, I vow not to touch a single weapon for the rest of the game and I rush back up the bank to where I was, hoping that no one had converged on the area. I walked through the hole in the wall into old construction, knowing that there could be more hostiles in the area and the scav that I had heard behind me, the rain not helping with trying to tell who is or isn't around.

The rest of the raid was uneventful in comparison, I didn't have Old Gas extract, so I opted to flip the ZB-013 switch and extract there as I had no intention of dealing with the second half of the map. I will say though, it was probably by first time ever using the VPO-209 (and the Red Rebel for that matter) and it isn't that bad a weapon. As for my AKS-74U, after the raid it was in my sling slot with a red background, fully insured but with the loadout from when I retrieved it from Prapor, the handguard still missing, and the items that I had bought for it before the raid in different parts of my inventory… each part insured!!

No handguard loading –

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