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What really happens when you get banned.

A while ago there was a post on the frontpage where someone was talking about their experience being banned.

That made me think I could tell my story and what seems to happen when you get banned. I didn't have anything fishy on my computer, I didn't loan out my account, 2000h or so played these last 2 years, I have 2FA and so on. I'm not here to profess my innocence because I can't prove it to you but I can still tell you how the ban and appeal process works. And I'm not doing that to stir up some shit but to throw some light on things that I feel are weird and faulty. The reason I want to cast light on that is because BSG have in the past changed their policies when the community points it out. Case in point BSG used to have an "all bans are final" policy, which is ridiculous because no system is flawless, until Nikita publicly stated they were going to change that wording.

1: The E-mail

On the 6th of November I woke up to find an e-mail telling me I was banned and the way to appeal is to contact BattlEye and only after BattlEye have responded can I then contact BSG about eventually getting unbanned.
The first problem I have with this is TweaK received the same exact e-mail even though Nikita said afterwards he wasn't banned by BattlEye and it was a manual ban. I've yet to find anyone with a different e-mail than the one Tweak and I received but obviously we weren't all banned by BattlEye, some have been manual or automatic from BSG. Yet all e-mails, manual ban or not, refer to BattlEye?

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2: Contacting BattlEye

You go to their homepage and file an appeal and then apparently you have to hope for the best. Do you know why? Because they will only contact you if they think they made a mistake. Otherwise? They won't respond. This creates a weird situation where you don't know if they are looking at your request or if they are have already deemed you a cheater. The exact wording from their e-mail confirming your request: "We confirm the receipt of your ban appeal. We will check your ban and get back to you if the ban is lifted." There is no time limit or estimation to be found on how long time they will take. It's hard to find concrete evidence on how long BattlEye take for an appeal, if not impossible, but on reddit I've only found one guy who said it took 2 months. I have no reason to doubt this.

Some points to this:

  • If BSG manually banned you and you aren't a famous streamer you will have to wait potentially months for BattlEye confirm you didn't cheat and at first then BSG will look at it.
  • You don't know if BattlEye are actively looking at your ticket, what if their ticket system fouled up or someone manually sorted away your appeal by mistake? It's gone but you have no way of knowing.
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So what do I think is reasonable? Well, a resolution should be within a reasonable timeframe. BattlEye is a third party that BSG have hired for this but if they don't respond within say a month? It should be possible for you to file a support ticket with BSG. I've tried that and also on reddit talked to someone from BSG but they won't even comment on if the ban is from BSG or BattlEye. They only refer to BattlEye.

I get it, there are loads of cheaters and lots of them are trying to get unbanned, I get it. That sucks and takes a lot of time but the other option is to ban members of your community without recourse. How long would Landmark, TweaK or Anton have had to wait if they weren't popular streamers?

For me it's been close to a month, I've put thoughts of being unbanned to the side and if it happens it happens. Whether I get unbanned or not I still think there should be some discussion about how this works.


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