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What would be a good solution to boss/minion kill claiming?

I know this may not be relevant to some players but I have recently gone through quite an interesting concern the past few weeks in Tarkov when playing on the Official Discord. For the vast majority of time using the lobby channels with random players is a good experience in Discord however this one has me at a crossroads. Let me explain two short scenarios to give perspective.

The past two weeks I have had three different players of my core group have someone "check Shturman for XP" only to pocket a red rebel and lie about it. Two of these were explained to me as heresay but the third time I actually caught the person accidentally. One of the random players ran to Shturman mid fight to check for XP supposedly. It was not my kill and since we were in a gunfight I also did not pay much attention. Once the fight was over we clean up and I always check Shturmans backpack after all is looted by the deserved killer because some players never check it. (I let people know when they missed it btw to inform them for next time.)

I notice that Shturman has a NON found in raid antique axe on his body. So I casually ask who put that on him and why and immediately realized what happened. The player that killed boss then asked for the suspect to stream his screen of his inventory of which the suspect replied "It's not working man I hate that this is happening." So the player who killed boss made the call and shot the suspect and go figure the FIR rebel is in his bag. The idiot did not even think to gamma it. So okay justice served and now I am more wise to players dolphin diving boss kills. But then …

I am playing in a very similar situation today with a random team and a teammate I play with very often. He is not greedy and always lets players take the loot they have killed. On my buddies screen he shoots Shturman twice in the head and he goes down. One of the random players jumps on the body at the same time and my buddy watches the rebel get pulled. While all of this is happening I am in a firefight and die. So in Discord chat I am talking it over with my buddy who is still in RAID and is also aware of the previous fuckery that has happened with this 6+ mil item off of the boss.

I suggest that if he truly believes he earned the kill that if it were me I would shoot the fella as soon as he went for the body without asking so that he can not sell the rebel like the other scammers have tried and dismiss it as yet another bad player trying to steal. It may be harsh but many of the Tarkov players unfortunately are complete untrustworthy scumbags and so options must be taken. So my buddy decides that no he would rather not and the guy extracts. Turns out the guy who we thought was suspect actually did get the kill on the end game screen but because of animation desync my friend saw Shturman die to his burst first.

This type of "who killed him" questioning has caused many dramatic scenarios when playing with random people and can cause a great deal of frustration being that the items are so valuble. So my question is how could BSG incorporate a way to show who killed what boss without being immersion breaking or requiring the people to actually loot the body to find out similar to how dog tags work? This one really has me twisted because right now it's a lose lose.

If someone ganks it through deception then I get fucked over. If I make a false claim against someone I am now not only an asshole but a team killer. There must be a better way to resolve this than simply saying don't play randoms in a server with over 4,000+ members active and willing to play together.

Any thoughts or suggestions to promote better team play with different types of people?


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