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Why Woods is the best map for “Kill PMC’s” quests

Content of the article: "Why Woods is the best map for “Kill PMC’s” quests"

Let me start by saying if you're actually good at this game this post probably isn't for you, you can probably kill plenty of PMC's on any map no problem. As someone who is a self proclaimed garbage player, this play style really helped me on these quests. So if you're in the same boat as me and PVP gives you plenty of anxiety I hope this helps

  1. Woods in my experience has the highest density of low geared players not including factory. On woods I run into way less chads with meta weapons and high tier armor. It's mostly just guys running snipers and not much else
  2. Woods is completely open when it comes to avenues of approach with plenty of concealment. This helps especially for a solo player who needs to constantly reposition and it lets you disengage easily from any firefight not going your way
  3. The topography is also very diverse with plenty of trenches to wait in and sound whore it up
  4. The kits needed for woods are very budget friendly so you don't feel bad about going through a couple in a day

My strat: I usually grab a shotgun with some AP-20 slugs and a shitty red dot and then whatever the quest requires me to wear. If I spawn on the West side of the map I try to get to the East side as quick as possible if I spawn East then I'm set. Then I'll just hang out in the wooded area around marked circle and actually treat it as I'm hunting. Slow down and wait to hear footsteps or gunshots and make my way there. The shotgun forced me to play conservatively and not engage unless I'm completely confident which improved my SR and kills a lot. I always let people come in close then ambush them and constantly run to a new tree or bush to re-engage. Since I've been doing this I've been averaging 2-3 kills which is very good for me and also means i can knock out these punisher quests way faster than I was before. I hope that helps at least one other struggling PMC grinding away, I know I didn't come up with anything groundbreaking but the play style really helped me out a lot.

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