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1 year in wormhole – a calm crab perspective

This thread is a short summary for people wondering "is it worth to try wormhole crabbing?".

How it started:

When the WWB2 started we were unable to generate income by ratting&mining in Delve. We had to find a way to generate good income in short time (me and my friend have family/job/kids/responsibilities, we don't have time to mine 10h/day or crab with vexors for 10h/day). We looked at wormholes, because it was new and interesting for us.

We spend ~2 weeks gathering knowledge about WH, watching guides/tutorials on YT about ratting and living in WH. After that we spend another ~2 weeks searching for a wh C5 for us. We were ready to move our alts to WH (while our PvP chars were still in Delve).


First WH C5 Red Giant: We started in WH with 3 dreads (Naglfars) and a scanning char. We were doing nomadic dreads for first week. After that we found a c5 wh with red giant effect. We started to living there. After 1 month original "owners" of this wh started playing again, they reffed our station. After a few h of research we found out that they are probably INIT alt corp (we were hidden under not-GSF connected corp too). We talked with them and we were right – INIT diplo wrote to my GSF main char that yes – they are from INIT. We decided to leave our first WH because our allies (INIT) were first there.

Second WH C5 Red Giant: We found second Red Giant C5. Someone was living there, but looking at 30+ not ratted anomalies in system – owner was probably not playing. We started to reff his structures. He woke up after getting info about reffed structures and he contacted us. We found out it's a single guy multiboxing dreads from VOLTA. He decided to sell his structures to us for fair price because he was not playing in WH anymore. We spend another ~2 months in this hole, but Hard Knocks evicted us after that.

We generated 106,5b isk in 3 months in DREAD ERA.


Third WH C5 Catalysmic: when the M2 battles were going on in Delve we decided that our dread pilots will be better used in war and we moved them back to Delve for M2 hull timer. A friend wanted to join us in WH, so we decided to switch from dreads to battleships. We had 5 Leshaks, a Nestor and a Praxis for ratting. Anomalies were slower (15 minutes, not 10 minutes like in dreads) but risk was MUCH lower. We used C5 Cataclysmic for 8 months. No one wanted to evict us, because WH ratting meta was marauders and marauders were useless in Cataclysmic WH. Many times some russian or korean leshak/nestor swarms were clearing our home hole, so we started to fight with them, but… after war ended and we could all move back to our netflix&chill methods of isk-making in Delve we stopped using WH. Sometimes we mined some gas, but we didn't crabbed combat anomalies. But we still fighted everyone who tried to crab in our hole. One day we interrupted crabbing of big russian PvP group. They decided to reff our structure, but they made a few mistakes and they lost some ships. That made them angry so they decided to evict us. A big russian PvP group (~200 players) batphoned another russian PvP group to evict 3 dirty crabbers 😀 We lost our last hole, but as I said before – we wanted to move out so it was not a problem.

We generated 167,5b isk in 8 months in BATTLESHIP ERA.


our income in total was 274b isk in blue loot. I'm not counting gas, but with gas and ghost sites it was 300b+ for sure.

our loses were small: ~7,5b total. We lost only 1 ratting ship in a year (1 Leshak), we lost stations during evictions (Astrahus/Raitaru sometimes) and rolling ships.

We didn't do to much PvP in WH, but we killed some 50+ ships.

During a year we had 3 evictions, but we had much more shield reffs on station. I have no idea why, but many korean groups of leshaks/nestors after they cleared anomalies they reffed shield on structure too. They never followed on timers.

We lived cheap as we could. After first 3 months we found out that it's senseless to risk rolling battleships (300k mass for ~300m isk) while we could roll with t1 cruisers (~125k mass for ~15m isk). It lowered our "rolling cost" of lost ships by ~90%, also enemies were much less optimistic to attack 6 cruisers than 2 battleships.

We learned a lot about defending against eviction. All big mass materials (like PI/gas) we transported outside of hole as fast as we could always. We had a lot of alpha accounts docked in our station with t1 transport ships and we have bought a lot of pochven filaments. During last eviction we evacuated through Pochven EVERYTHING we still had on our station. We left items worth 4m isk for the attackers.

If anyone want to try WH crabbing – it's good to try. It's boring for long time, also it's impossible to do alone, but it was interesting experience. I'm glad I tried that and I recommend everyone to try WH C3 or C5 for some time.

Just wanted to share our 1 year experience, so if you readed to the end thank you and fly safe.


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