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10 more stories I’ve written about the Guristas (Grand total is 50)

Content of the article: "10 more stories I’ve written about the Guristas (Grand total is 50)"


(I wanted a Roleplay flair but went with other.)

Previously I post here twice about stories I've written about my economic efforts in 6NJ. Having dropped the first 28 stories, a later post with 12 stories that evened out at 40 total – And Now I'm here for the third time to post the next 10 stories I've put out since that last post. Bringing the grand total to 50 stories

Once again, I'm not going to copy and past all the context of what I'm working on int his post, but instead link the original post that contains most of the context of what you're reading about.

Original 28 story post – https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/i35c08/all_the_guristas_fiction_ive_worked_on_while/

40 story milestone post – https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/jhvjtr/12_more_short_stories_ive_written_about_the/


“I wanna see them ‘Prove’ themselves financially.”

Avio Yaken discusses his logic and strategy to disrupt trade in the newly formed Pochven region by taking advantage of it's logistical and industrial hadicaps.

“Brand new – Plastic sealed – Captain Cosmos action figures.”

A Gurista pirate claiming his share of the loot after a successful raid, explains to another pirate his plan to start a business back in Venal selling toys at a markup.

“I can’t confirm or deny that…”

The Guristas have a contingency plan for everyone, even those that go out of their way to support them. Utatis Parinen, disgraced Dread Guristas is given one last shot at redemption by spying on the growing economic movement in Venal.

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“I own a limited edition Clear Skies box set.”

A Gurista looking to start up his own Holo-Theater in Venal sits down with a representative of the Prosperous Venal Depository to secure a loan for his business

“… Welcome back Suha!”

After receiving a sever threat from the Guristas and laying low for several months, Suha returns top-side to resume operations in pushing economic progress in Venal.

“This list just keeps getting more lewd!”

Getting to work right away, Suha Raibuya acts on her newest idea of creating the newest and most stimulating magazine Venal has ever seen! Bad Bunny! Featuring exclusive photos of Suha herself…


Having knocked over some expensive holdings of artwork across the Caldari State, Guristas pirates meet with their employeer aboard the Rabbit's Warren and learn about the humble turned pariah artist named Ja’Tier Dele.

“I’ll skin you alive.”

As easy as the Capsuleer market is easy to exploit in Venal, the same applies for the common man. Utatis Parinen is sent to negotiate for the release of some essential medical supplies that were bought up by a local Casino owner to gouge for a profit.

“We’re fighting for the betterment of our country! Something you clearly don’t understand.”

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The Triglavian Invasions have left the Caldari State in a whirlwind of civil unrest with citizens taking up arms to vent their frustrations at the government that has failed them. A perfect opportunity for the Guristas to sell some weapons to the aspiring revolutionary movements springing up.

“Speaking of Amarrians”

A new branch of the new and radical Sedevacatist Amarrian orthodox church church is opening up in a corner of Venal, which earns the attention of Suha and her immediate staff. Along with news of a aspiring Guristas sympathizer in Amarrian territory.


Well that's 50 (.___.)/

Assuming I can muster the creativity to produce another 10 and reach 60, I'll be back with another post.

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