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3GD6-8 Rakogh Administration

TLDR below for the livestock.


Some people know about some war that's going on, some people know about game changes designed to keep a false economy functioning by manufacturing scarcity, so in that way, EvE is just like real life. Me, my space job has been milking a cow for billions of isk and I'm here to tell you where it is.

When Brave moved to Catch the second time, also known as Catch 2.0, we found a Russian with two marauders doing a static 10/10 site in 3GD6-8. It took about 20 of us headless chickens to kill him and run him off, the next day a TEST bro was in there, with two marauders, doing the site.

He was greeted with a friendly hello and a flat demand that he leave because Bob Carebare Raholan (Barve MilDir for life and player solely responsible for the death of PL in its entirety) and Blade Reiper did some research discovering two unique implants that only drop in that site.

The Pashan's implants give redonkulous bonuses to either energy turrets or turrets in general, being unique, they were being sold for a billion and 2 billion respectively. Through a tireless campaign of swearing and whining, it fell to me to sell the implants for the alliance and pay all the nerds who took part. Pumping the price up to 5 and 3 billion, with hundreds of billions in profit after payout, has been one of the enduring pleasures in all my 12 years of EvE.

It's been said you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but if you want to catch ALL the flies, use shit. In EvE, isk is the shit, and boy did we get a lot of flies show up. We've had irrelevant nerds take the site for a few weeks, before going back to smartbomb camping some pipe somewhere because that feeds the howling, sucking holes in their chests more, we've had gangs of fighters arrive to dunk krabs and learn the hard way about the mechanics of the site. We even had Kate R land on grid with a Revenant, more than once pwning newbros and warping to a safe to cloak up. Dreads, failed blops drops, bubbled structures and ambushes, straight theft, every combination of shenanigans from within and without the alliance. With the billions being a sweet bonus and a great way to smoosh players new and old into a 20 minute sig that might pay out a cool hunjy mil.

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Indeed. Now I'm going to hand it to you and see if anyone out there has the vitamins to contend.


-The Rakogh Administration Complex is a static site that appears as a beacon on your overview in 3GD6-8.

-The beacon warps you to zero on a gate. You can warp at range, or a bookmark, but a bubble on grid brings you to zero, the grid is deadspace. Which means cynos of all kinds don't work there. If you want to blops or drop caps you need to blops into system and warp to the gate. Many people have learned this the hard way and become very sad.

-the first room has two gates. The left gate needs the room cleared of ships, leading to a second room that also needs the ships cleared to use the gate to a third room where a few times a day, at random, a named rat Pashan's Battle Commander spawns. Kill him for the Rakogh Key. All three rooms will web you and lean on any tank. A marauder will spank it all in 20 minutes after the recent changes.

-IMMEDIATELY AFTER DOWNTIME kill the named rat on the ingate. This spawns a structure in a 3rd room down the right gate from the 1st room. We call it the Space Toilet.

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-with the key in cargo 1st room doesn't need to be cleared, the right gate can be taken and anyone in fleet can use the gate within a 10 second window.

-2nd room needs to be cleared of ships before gate to 3rd room can be used. This room will split dps, bully drones, web and tracking disrupt, so logi is a good idea for gangs. A gang of stainrus cerbs got slapped in this room, then sat at about 30 in the 3rd room and got their leet pvp asses leathered.

-3rd room down the right gate has the Space Toilet structure, one of those hellish spiky looking Sansha castles. It will web and hit hard with torps. It won't switch targets. Rats there will point you (elite frigates on your left) and switch targets periodically.

-The shield rep on the Space Toilet is really something. Like all pve content, it's designed to keep you in space while others creep through the weeds trying to make you pvp content. A single marauder can cut through it now, but less damage will find it challenging.

-Once the structure asplodes, a can drops with a roughly 2-in-seven chance of a Pashan's implant, or the default drop of a t2 mindlink (info or shield) and overseer's effects.

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-control of this site means ownership of the entire supply of a unique item. On average about 2 sell a week. Knowing EvE as I do, my confidence that people will travel to contend for this prize is VERY LOW. You are all krabbers or krabber muggers and this current farce of a war (basically the hideous bullying of the least liked group of blobbing krabs in order to forestall CCP nerfing keepstars) has shown me now that Barve has left, that the tiny group of stain woodworms squirming out of NPC null to run this site will be completely safe.

Truly the sweet milk and honey spewing out of this isk fountain is only to be held for long by powerful, clear-eyed capsuleers with aesthetic facial structure and chests broad enough to stop an out-of-control forklift. Flying with such nerds has been an honour and a privilege.

TLDR static site drops billions a week, as well as shiny killmails, dare you to get it


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