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7 Basics to Survive Industry Changes and Market Turbulence.

BLUF: Some thoughts for new and existing players to either make a firm profit and/or keep liquid ISK from draining during the upcoming changes.

Whenever a particular market becomes turbulent, there are a few takeaways that others have learned and can pass on to those who are less experienced. Below are some tips I've summarized to help you keep your hangars lined with internet spaceships. And to quote Lil Wayne, because this is my post and I can, "the money can't fit in my pockets but I bet that gun fit."

1 Do not sell items you have in stock, or purchased before the changes, unless you know your bottom line. Keep track, using notes in-game or spreadsheets (SPREADSHEETS!!), of your spending and know your items' values TO YOU. Keep in mind that fees, taxes, etc., will eat into your profits. When you are prepared to sell, know that making changes to your sale prices now incur greater losses, since changes were made a while back that no longer allow you to reduce multi-millions worth of sell orders for mere pennies.

2 Once you know how much you need to earn on a sale to profit from it, consider taxes and only list your item(s) for sale when you are confident it will sell within the duration of your order.

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3 After the industry changes, the market is all but guaranteed to be volatile. At the onset, expect sell prices will inflate but buy orders will remain mostly the same. Some may raise buy orders temporarily to be at the top of the buying list in order to usurp your goods from you, then immediately relist them for sale (risky, but one of my favorite techniques during a chaotic price period). Consider these points when choosing to buy or sell in the beginning.

4 Cool-down is inevitable. We do not know what the changes will look like immediately. Plenty of pilots will start hauling their goods to trade hubs right after the change comes to get in on the action, but resupply of essential goods may be slow to recoup. If you're willing to play the long game on items such as battleships and certain modules, you may be able to swing a much greater profit after several weeks.

5 Diversify. Diversify. Don't put all your kegs in one casket.

6 Pay attention to the meta. This one is obvious, but using third party tools like zkillboard, EveMarketer and EvePraisal can help even new players learn what's being used most and what isn't worth holding onto.

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o7 Learn to use the in-game marketing tools. Alt-R brings up the regional market, which allows you to search for items, then lists their sale and buy prices. But how many of you click the Price History tab to see what those prices have looked like in that region for the past year? Do you know how to confirm what's selling recently and what's dying off? Do you understand how Donchian channels work, and how they can help you make money buying and selling certain items within one station or across several?

Invest wisely, Fly dangerously.


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