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A HS player’s second day in Sov NS FOLLOW UP

Content of the article: "A HS player’s second day in Sov NS FOLLOW UP"

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So yesterday i shared the story of my first 24hrs in Sov Null after being a strictly HS indy player for 3 years. To say that it got attention would be an understatement.>! I did it mom, i got reddit clout.!<

I wasn't going to make another post like it, since i thought nothing could top it. Oh boy was I wrong.

My second day was just as filled, if not more so, with content as the first, and I finally got green on my kill board that wasnt Customs Offices in WH space. Again, in chronological order, the following happened:

  1. Built an Incurus fit quite literally out of scrap. I melted down meta modules i had gotten from ratting, built an Incursus from it, then strapped whatever modules i had leftover to it. The fit was so hideous i saved myself the embarressment and decided not to take it to the PvP fleet that went out later that day. It apparentlly classifies as fast-tackle but personally i prefer "S H I T"
  2. Brought an ECM Griffin to a Macherial fleet (I was probably too small to notice)
  3. Saw my first titan that was tethered to a Keepstar
  4. Went through my first jump bridge
  5. Took part in a Mach vs Mach fight in a LS system around a Fortizar, against some rather old "friends" No Forks Given, who I had fought before when i was in a large HS corp out in Solitude over 6 months ago (GF boys)
  6. Jammed a Baalghorn and an Eos for 5 minutes straight
  7. Came back to my home region only to find out Bombers Bar was hot dropping into nearby systems
  8. Witnessed Bombers Bar hot drop my corp mates Rattlesnake and alpha him off grid
  9. During that Mach vs Mach fleet engagement, i was relaying comms from FC to another player who was also flying a Griffin via in game text converstion. He later told me he wasnt in comms because he was deaf. We both got on a lot of KMs in this fight. He scooped some loot on his way out and gave me the value of it in isk. If you're by any chance reading this mate, was a pleasure flying with you o7
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11/10 brought tears to my eyes

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