EVE Online

A Tale of Many Bans

Frat’s Path Through WWB2

Of the parties involved in WWB2, Frat was one of the unquestionable winners. Having lost their home in Detorid and being forced to crash on the doorstep of PanFam in Oasa to lick their wounds, Frat saw an opportunity with the coming for WWB2. Creation of PAPI allowed them to for a period of over a year have no major opponents that could threaten their space. While contributing a token amount of effort to the military efforts of PAPI, Frat spent most of the time pushing out the smaller neutral groups that held Tribute and Vale and spent the time fattening up the alliance coffers, gaining a significant amount of largely uncontested krab time. The longer the war lasted, the better it was for Frat, and they capitalized on that time heavily.

Noraus, and the Tale of Bans

Noraus is the individual in charge of Frat and most famous currently active CCP Ban Olympics participant. Let's take a moment to review the long and illustrious career.

Noraus and Susu Skir were the first 2 characters banned. At the time, Noraus claimed it was because of isk received as rent from botters. However, having consulted a number(5+) separate rental managers across Eve, none have had experiences that aligned with that. CCP has consistently removed isk resulting from botting from the game, but without bans handed out to people not actively promoting/participating in RMT.

With the first bans handed out, Noraus showed his acceptance of the rules and deep regret by making updates to his setup, and registering a new account, nextorian, one that would be used for good, to generate content and definitely not do anything that might break EULA. Which went well until this past September when activity ceased on that character overnight. The public chat version of events was that Noraus’s computer melted down and it would take some time to repair.

Which is why that character never returned to play and a new character named Noraus’s cat took over. The story was that the PC melted down so hard, the character nextorian and all others active alongside it had to be sold. In a way that doesn’t involve dropping to an NPC corp. Or is reflected on the character transfer list ingame.

Suffice to say this all raised the obvious question: Why change the FC character?

The cat’s fate be damned, curiosity had to be sated. Gathering intel via various spies, it appears that Noraus is once again banned and the Frat holding corp is hit with a -4T isk negwallet. One can only assume that will also be the fault of their 2019 renters. At this time noraus’s cat is inactive ingame and Noraus has not made any pings to lead a fleet, despite otherwise actively pinging.

Given the time between characters going inactive, it is now possible that the ban is being taken more seriously by CCP and that Noraus is receiving the GigX permaban treatment. The next Noraus pet to lead the fleets on his behalf is eagerly awaited as the Ban Olympics continue with the new high score of 5 being ripe for the taking.


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