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Its satisfying to put together AARs and BRs for fights with a favorable outcome. Gloating over dunks is a time-honored tradition in eve online that isn't going away any time soon. On the other hand, an analysis of failure and negative outcomes can help build strategies for success. Independent of the prospect of improvement, alliances are generally more likely to boast success than ruminate and analyze failure. Constantly beating one's drum over dunks while glossing over feeds is pretty yikes, and is exactly the kind of delusional thinking that needs to go the way of the stabbed FW plex farmer. In that spirit of balance, here's a feed:



  1. Scout pings that a DW rorq is slurping Crokite in Ardar like his life depended on it
  2. Scout directed to leave system, lest he disturb a wild DW line member in his natural habitat.
  3. CTRLV caps channel pinged to gather quietly on TS
  4. I die in Tarkov on customs in front of new-gas to a PMC with a standard M4, freeing me to login to eve and become even more frustrated
  5. I activate the seldom used 4th brain cell to check dotlan – confirming that target system is indeed within titan bridge range of CTRLV staging. Target system noted to be out of titan bridge range of Kourmonen (DW staging) – pog status: fully
  6. Ping CTRLV proper for bhaalgorn / guard
  7. Identify 3 CTRLV dreads and an armour fax for initial engagement to force immediate PANIC – inspired by snuff's success vs CALSF rorqs
  8. Confirm the availability of multiple cyno inhibs
  9. Final preparation to bridge – log in titan – stack subcaps (15ish bhaal, 2 guard, damnation) on titan
  10. Direct in-cyno and tackle svipul to burn 2j from staging to target system
  11. Target tackled. Cyno up.
  12. 3 dreads and one apostle jump, dreads siege – triage holds out of triage – cyno inhib launched
  13. 4th braincell goes offline Fleet bridged through titan with absolutely 0 issues . Insufficient stront. Fleet directed to burn 2j to target system.
  14. Dreads shoot Rorq and force PANIC activation immediately. Timer started. Siege red is called
  15. Bhaals land on target and neut PANIC rorq to 0 cap
  16. Kourm local count reportedly climbing – DW dreads undocking
  17. DW cyno decloaks and lights ~ 180KM off rorq with approx 1 minute remaining on PANIC
  18. ll 3 CTRLV dreads exit siege and immediately jump out as 20ish DW caps align down to rorq. CTRLV fax directed to idly on grid and murmur softly spoken prayers to kesha
  19. CTRLV fast tackle directed to warp to DW cyno and tackle triage, preventing it from warping to save rorq. Our only fast tackle frig complies. Multiple additional fax cyno onto grid.
  20. PANIC ends. Rorq bleeds to 35% hull before being caught by DW fax. CTRLV fleet extracts suffering losses of 4 bhaal and apostle
  21. GFs exchanged in local – CTRLV and DW return home
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In summary, both CTRLV and DW executed the attempted rorq gank and successful rorq save almost perfectly. CTRLV suffered about 5bil in losses with pretty much nothing to show for it. I gotta hand it to DW, successfully forming a fleet (regardless of overwhelming capital advantage) in 5 minutes is impressive.In terms of improvement, there's a few things that come to mind that would help increase the odds of success – mainly a more fully formed subcap logi wing, and just having more people generally, such that we aren't outnumbered in a 5 minute flash form.

Anyway, GF Dock Workers. o7


– This post was reposted after being automodded for a few hours for the egregious sin of literally containing a politician's name in an apolitical bant. I neither know nor care about what heated changes precipitated this policy, but I want to know the mod team to know that this solution exhibits the same intellectual finesse and insight that I would expect from a can of expired apple sauce.

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