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AAR: V0lta/Hide Your Nodes vs Banderlogs, Sibsquad, and assorted friends

Content of the article: "AAR: V0lta/Hide Your Nodes vs Banderlogs, Sibsquad, and assorted friends"

Hi friends,

Just wanted to provide an AAR for a very fun fight vs Banderlogs, Sibsquad, and friends. Hide Your Nodes a quality group who just recently created their alliance have been liviing in Deklein and we in V0lta have been assisting them, Nodes recently had an Astrahus in T-945F reinforced, the first roll was pretty early and came out sometime around 13:30 and was subsequently pushed to the hull timer today which came out at 16:18.

I formed V0lta in a nightmare fleet where we ended up with about 38 nightmares and 10 or so logi + some fax. Banderlogs formed over 100 people including 42 nightmares, 9 lokis + 3 scimis as logi + lots of support. Sibsquad formed a big blob of cerbs, I don't even remember how many. Hide your Nodes opted to go with 15 carriers + some fax.

We cyno'd into the fight and began fighting nightmares, we cleared their support like RLM cerbs and then went on to nightmares and veryyy slowly started working through them. Our friendly carriers from Nodes jumped in and around the same time Sibsquad finally warped to grid in cerbs.

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A lot of the fight was us swapping back and forth to cerbs and nightmares depending on which lucky group wanted to come into our range. We alpha'd the sibsquad cerbs with extreme ease at first, but finally Banderlogs warped in their newbro wing of crucifiers and we swapped to clearing those.

Much of the fight was banderlogs and sibsquad warping in, killing a few ships or just trying to keep the astrahus paused, trading heavily, and then being forced off. At some point we started losing pilots due to the Alliance Tournament where people needed time to get ready + we took some nightmares losses as well. So our dps is trickling and we opt to jump in some HAW revs to add even a little dps as we are at this point not alphaing through ships as we did at the beginning but very methodically swapping targets and killing perhaps 1 out of every 3 or 4 primaries, many catching reps in structure.

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Banderlogs and sibsquad overall took very heavy losses doing this, but they successfully kept the structure paused at 47 seconds, and at this point they were determined to kill it, and they did!

Eventually the WKEND AT match was coming up and myself + 6 or 7 others had to warp to safes and log off, another V0lta FC took over and given the astrahus was dead we opted to extract as best we could. Towards the end as we wanted to extract banderlogs had a nice void bomb run that resulted in 3-4 more nightmares dying on our end, it was late in the fight and we were running low on boosters, so it was especially effective.

This was a really fun fight and I just wanna say thanks to banderlogs and sibsquad for taking the fight and sticking around.

Overall fight BR: https://br.evetools.org/related/30002890/202011151700

TLDR: Had a fight and it was fun, check BR

ISSW#1 btw

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