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Another brief [little guy’s] opinion on the industry changes.

I've been hearing a lot of people say that the new industry changes are going to affect the "little guy" more than anyone and I disagree.

As a "little guy" it's easier to be a small and specialized part of a production chain than having to compete with an alliance, corp, or a rich single-player with dozens of characters that could vertically integrate on all production steps and completely dominate the market. Now big alliances can't work in a complete bubble, creating a null-sec space that was safer than hi-sec in many aspects. Now big alliances and corporations need to negotiate with external markets, spreading the production steps into smaller and more reachable steps, making things like specialization, region, distance, and transport matter more, creating a much more dynamic and natural economy than EVE ever had before. Like in the real world, where even rival countries still need to make trade agreements for survival, generating tension and conflict and also raising the stakes of war.

(Edit 1): No giant alliance will depend on the smaller groups and individual players. There can always be a cabal. Organization and numbers win no matter what CCP does. But I see it as a gradual effect. Inside a giant alliance, they will need a greater number of steps of production, opening and requiring more industry players to fill the gap, even if they are hired by the giant alliances and are not a "little guy" anymore, it's like creating more entry-level "jobs" on the market. Though I think there will be a cascade from anything below giant-sized alliances, where they are not completely self-sufficient and may require smaller and smaller specialized groups to provide to the production chain, thus making smaller groups and little guys have a function and not simply try to compete against bigger groups directly also because of the added logistic factors now involved.

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(Edit 2): About the "content", it can keep happening with bigger or smaller ships, players always go to the limit of what they can. If every little member could have a Titan they would, but they can't, so they fly some Battleships, the ones who can't, fly lesser ones, and so on. Even today FCs have limits and are careful about what they can lose, and the limit is going to change for everyone. But they won't be able to keep throwing suicidal dreadnoughts for sure, and I think that is one of the goals of the change.

And the little guy (him being a lesser alliance or individuals) don't have to have all the manpower, that's the point, it can be a single part of the production. Self-sustaining won't be as easy for sure and that's what is going to make the market spread for more players to participate. The offers and demands are going to determine the values of each of those production steps. I'm not saying there won't be monopolies of whole markets, huge cartels, and iluminatti cabals. But I think it's a better "net" direction in the end.

I believe those are great changes for the "little guy" and will also generate a ton more "content" for the big alliances, even if making their life a bit more complicated in some aspects.

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I am optimistic about it. Anyway, I'm not sure, let me know what do you think.


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