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Anti-Anti-Kiting with Q-Hotkey Technique from Yumenoshima

Content of the article: "Anti-Anti-Kiting with Q-Hotkey Technique from Yumenoshima"

Quick Summary

About Me

Why I do Q-Kite

  • My first "EVE chill" experience was in a kiting Tristan against a Dragoon in a High-Sec War.
  • That "EVE chill" experience was so extreme for me, I've been hooked on learning about kiting and anti-kiting and anti-anti-kiting.
  • My main studying material was Magical Kiting / Anti-Kiting 101 article : https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/161312/
  • Then one day my corp-mate Katherine Chivahle showed me how to do Q-Kite. ( https://youtu.be/127PIHTbjxg?t=120 ) Ever since I've been hooked on experimenting with anti-anti-kiting with Q-kite! I still have not been able to master vertical Q-Kite like Katherine-san does.

How to Speed Tank & Kite with Q shortcut.

  • Sample Video1 (EVE – Kiting Is Easy 010)
  • Sample Video2 (EVE – Kiting Is Easy 001)

FAQ.1 How do you move around manually?

  1. While pressing shortcut Q, do the following 2-5.
  2. Move mouse to desired horizontal angle and distance.
  3. Single click.
  4. Move mouse to desired vertical angle.
  5. Single click.

You can do Step3-5 in one motion by double clicking to ignore setting vertical angle. 

FAQ.2 What are those arrows coming out of enemy ships?

Those arrows indicate their future location after 10 seconds if their speed and direction persists.

FAQ.3 Using "Crossing the T" maneuver solo to stay alive.

Use your speed to stay ahead of the enemy fleet.


FAQ.4 Whilst I have understood the T maneuver, how do you keep a check on Range control. So that u don't lose point. As in do u angle towards the target or angle away?

When the target is coming towards you, angle away 45 degrees (or 135 degrees) zig zag backwards, and manually keep range. When target is running, angle towards him 45 degrees and when you get pararell with him angle towards him 45 degrees again to get in front of him, and then do the zig zag back wards again, rinse and repeat.

  • example 4.1
  • example 4.2

FAQ.5 As there are other ships on grid. How do you keep them away whilst still applying DPS to the target. If i get to close to them they may be able to scram me.

Make them chase you around in circles around the pointed target. Also, when you feel in risk always play safe!

  • example 5.1

FAQ.6 Kiting sure is easy with a snaked garmur against ab frigs! (sarcasm)

Kiting and speed tanking is about much speed as you can get! Can't kite if you are the slow guy… Also it's not just about kiting against ab frigs, it's about Anti-Anti-Kiting … having an ability to dodge anti-kiting ships and catch a blob fleet as an annoying long point tackler.

  • example 6.1 Taking on a Harpy bait and his fleet.

FAQ.7 Kiting is super easy when ur in a snaked garmur all the time.

Highspeed kiting is especially fun when catching and fighting against blob fleets with baits. The "crossing the T" maneuver in the explanation page with garmur point range is extremely effective against the bait and their backups. (See example 7.1) I think high-grade snaked garmur does a good job of annoying blob fleet FCs and haven't found an alternative option for this role yet.

  • example 7.1

FAQ.8 How is Q shortcut better than double clicking in space?

When trying to catch kiters, you need to predict direction of the kiter, and use double clicking in space to try to take short-cut to catch the kiters. When using Q shortcut and tactical overlay looking top down, you can detect that the catcher is trying to take short-cut for intercept, and counter the intercept. (i.e. go the other direction to not get cautht) So I think Q shortcut serves as a counter to double clicking short-cuts maneuver in space.


When you start your kiting, you'll often get intercepted by anti-kiting maneuvers and get frustrated or give up not knowing what happened. I want this article to server as a Proof Of Concept that there is a way to counter the anti-kiting maneuvers. Thank you! Fly safe!

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