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Any interest in an all encompassing industry website?

Content of the article: "Any interest in an all encompassing industry website?"

I'm a software dev who needs to practice .net 5, mvc, javascript, and backend architecture for work. I figured what better way to practice than building an industry website for eve?

There is already good industry sites and apps that can give you an overview of industry but I went deeper. If you go to eve-industry.org and select the curse, you can say that you want to build the components as well as the ship, get a price list, set some of the modifiers (by hand) and get the numbers you want, roughly. It limits you by setting some defaults like station tax, but it can be somewhat inaccurate by having you fill in some of the details like facility modifiers by hand.

curse for example

It also has no way of showing you the reaction chains either. If I wanted to react my own tungsten carbide to build batches of curses, I have to go to another resource to do that which may also be slightly off. And don't get me started on pi chains.

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What I'm working on will show you everything all the way down to the amount of raw materials you need for PI chains, reaction chains, etc. And will show you every little bit of cost. The other thing I'm wanting to do is have you select which structure you're planning on building/reacting in, what system you're going to be working in, and having you select either no, t1 or t2 rigs. This will give you the most accurate picture of the cost.

There will also be options for showing you the cost of invention, research, and giving you the ability to login via esi and import your skills so you don't have to set them every time.

If there is enough interest, I could also beef up the esi code to read the blueprints/reactions you have and show you which ones are profitable at the time. Show market histories and trends, link to zkill to show most destroyed ships/ items to give you an idea of what to build or look at, skill plans for better profitability, etc.

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In my local environment, I've been running tests on the numbers to get an idea of how accurate my code is and I'm already making profits off of it through reactions. I plan on manufacturing some items soon.

Is there anyone else who would want this all encompassing website? Anything that you have wanted in an indy website but haven't gotten? I have no screenshots because I just started developing the site in my spare time two weeks ago and it's embarrassingly reminiscent of the 90s. Content over flair at this point.

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