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Baltrom and Tau AD EXPOSED – Another Message to Snuffed Out

In recent weeks “420 MLG TWINTURBO 3000 EMPIRE ALLIANCE RELOADED” has been upgrading its spysec infrastructure to detect intel relays and burn spies within our ranks, manipulating the intel they have access to for the security of all of us, along with our dictatorship’s personal amusement. We've been fucking with Snuff/SC and Dock Workers via their own intel relays (hi guys LeMAOOO)

Firstly, we have discovered that the best way to get a snuff spy is to apply to various corps with application texts like “Stepbro I’m stuck” or “UwU I’m a Simp”. Apparently, their CEOs are stupid as fuck, because no less then TWELVE of them accepted applications without even checking who's 'alt' was applying. A low effort intel grab, but I present to you, 1 out of 1 pages of +10 blues lists:


Secondly our Alliance Leadership had been compromised by Snuffed Out.

420 MLG's dictatorship holds no quarter when it comes to spies, even the ones we've used as quadruple agents without their knowledge. Each's use comes to an end, and this evening we bid farewell to SNUFF’s 420 Alliance Director level spy: BALTROM.

A few weeks back, we’ve noticed that Baltrom and Tau AD are hanging out together. We did some research with the help of our top notch spysec infrastructure and what we’ve found was shocking. We slowly got the suspicion that our beloved Austrian Führer Leader "Baltrom" was actually a Snuffed Out Spy. But before confronting him, we needed to be 100% sure. So we upped our game even more, made some calls and managed to get the ENTIRE WINDOWS ARSENAL AT OUR DISPOSAL.

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After confronting him, he immediately took all ISK out of our Auga Keepstar fund, disbanded the Alliance and joined Snuffed Out. Apparently, he already spend all of our ISK on a new Imp.

So, with our Alliance disbanded by the Austrian traitor, we have decided to move back to our old Alliance “No Handlebars.”

To those of you reading this via relays (and reddit now), I now speak for all of 420 MLG: 1) We have by far the biggest and best Intel network in the fucking game. We have no less then TWELVE Snuffed Out Spies. TWELVE! 2) Go fuck yourselves

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