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Being part of Imperium.. What it really feels like..

The First conversation.

So obviously as you can guess from the title already I am part of the Imperium coalition. Almost a year now with almost 4 of these months to have experienced the chill, krabbing, regular content fleets and funny moments between not Corp or alliance members.. But coalition wide. After that.. The war kicked in. I am not a line member… I own a small-medium sized Corp that goes with the name "Public Enemies Co". We were up in HS for a while and then I started reading about these resource distribution first changes that were about to take place and HS moons were going to be not worth even the fuels of the athanors we had.. So I had to make a judgement call.. In less than a week… Risk it all and stick in HS to try and grow the Corp up and stay with HS ores and not even worth ratting or bounty taxes… Or make the big decision and join a null sec bloc? And so I did.. I had a few contacts.. Asked them if they could hook me up with their alliance diplos to start a convo with them about joining their alliance… And the communication lines have begun. My intentions were not to go for Goonswarm directly.. Even tho it was appealing.. Due to not having the funds to be able to run a corporation under Imperium needs not cause of taxes.. But for services, line members support and protection….(little I knew). So I was in talks with a much smaller alliance yet friendly enough so that my Corp could start settling up in Delve and start rolling. After a week (exactly 7 days) from the resource distribution thread.. We have Joined Get Off my Lawn alliance under the Imperium.. And started the logistical efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible. During that transition we only lost a HS carebear member and that was only cause he was playing while he was working so null sec afk krabbing was not going to help him a lot.. He is still a friend of this Corp up to this day tho. The rest of us..started settling down in Delve. Getting to know the systems, the region, the people….

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Getting to know the Goon culture.

As many many many Eve Online players across this universe thought so did I.. That goons were kind of toxic.. Not caring… Just rich krabbers who had already replaced what they were about to lose one way or the other….. (Little I knew…again).. Me and my members started getting to know the culture down here… The mining ops, the hanging outs in 1dq KS because…. Why not… The meta shows while being in a krabbing spree.. The Theta Thursdays listening Dawn sticking it to..everyone against us really and ofc.. Giving Theta Squad vibes all along..(Join Theta today)..Push to talk shows with interesting talks… Getting to know Brisc… And Fountain Frank to its whole.. The weather reports obviously… Querious George rolling cooler than any of us down there.. And ofc.. First line on the Nightswarms on Mind1s stream jamming hard.. That is the culture… The culture of the experience from line members tho.. Right? Not really.. As I said I run this Corp so that means… Management.. Leadership… Extra channels.. Extra talks.. Extra responsibilities.. And so on. Plenty of ppl so far in this war tho think that the leadership is toxic and let's just say its the cancel culture of eve…. Well I am here to dissapoint you… Sorry.. (Not really). The vibes if you wanna call then like that on leadership levels are even better than line members… Multiple talks yes.. Constant "being there" situations.. Yes..but the ability of proper coordination between Ceos, FCs, different sigs leaderships.. And so on…. Is almost instant.. And insanely effective.. Let alone.. Friendly as hell.. So no.. The Imperium leadership is not toxic.. Is not demanding as hell.. Is not what papi leadership wants to brainwash you that is. Multiple honorable FCs from papi side have said Publicly…that The imperium as a whole is one strong group.. And it's true.. But I am here to add to that strong organized group that is also a family across members, different corporations, alliances and leaderships of those.. And this is what makes it The Imperium… What's makes us goons.

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If you are a Corp Ceo reading this.. From the other side or a neutral side.. Get Off my Lawn may be a great home for you.. If you are a line member though.. Our Corp also may be a decent change for you to experience this whole thing at its fullest.

Mark my words… Imperium is family.. Not a coalition… Sorry if you think that we are the bad guys and no this is not a "feel sorry for us" post.. This is a living experience from a small-medium sized corporation that have grown significantly during this war which is hilarious and between all of the groups of ours in imperium combined we are rolling hard all together.. Spin this Post as you feel you need to in order to fill the needs of morale to papi members or leaderships side.. But it won't hide the truth..

-GallacticostaR Stevens. PUBLC CEO.

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