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[BR] Imperium and Papi have an even fight at last

BR: https://br.evetools.org/br/60518766002302001ac4df5e

Very long fight, excellent work from both sides. Here's the story…

I logged in and noticed that an unfitted corp Astrahus had a hull timer in a dead-end system(8RQJ) coming out in a few minutes, so I formed up 7 dudes in random nano cruisers and waited. A few minutes before the timer, a covert cyno opens and about 50 imperium bombers and Asteros bridge in. We wait for them to engage and then bridge in a few Orthrus and ONIs. We kill a few bombers with the help of a small handful of sniping Tengus from TEST, and then they leave. A few minutes later local spikes and about 30 more imperium arrive in caracals.

Seeing that we can't really fight this, we form a small Horde ferox fleet of about 40 and bridge in, killing a few of the caracals(most were saved by a truly excellent boosh from their FC). At this point goons start pinging and bring in an even larger Ferox fleet. Things escalate pretty quickly at this point and TEST/Legacy arrive in a small Cerberus fleet to finish off the goon Caracals. There's a bit of dancing around and the Imperium Ferox fleet leaves. At this point, I feel pretty confident our Astrahus will be saved when a large goon Cerberus fleet shows up. At this point we aren't really in an ideal composition and decide to reform Horde/NC/PL in Muninns as the Astrahus dies.

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Goons decide to press the advantage and start entosising the IHUB. At this point we've extracted from the system, which is a dead-end, and goons are now forming a muninn fleet as well. We now have pretty evenly matched fleets with 1 Muninn and cerberus fleet each in addition to a small goon tornado fleet, but they are set up on the ingate. We jump into them and in the beginning things aren't going well for us. We pull away a bit, and then the Cerb FC makes a deadly mistake and pings. Immediately, both of our fleets warp to zero and begin approaching the hostile anchor. The thinly tanked Cerberus start falling quickly and eventually the hostile FC attempts to warp out. A clutch bubble catches about a third of his fleet and the FC himself(hi dave), which allows us to claw back some of the losses from the jump-in.

At this point we reset, go to the IHUB and clear entosis. Imperium bridges in reinforcements and warps in; there's a quick engagement where we are poorly positioned and lose a few ships before disengaging. We also re-ship and skirmish a bit before finally clearing the IHUB grid which finally goes invulnerable.

At this point, Imperium goes next door and camps us into the dead-end system, setting up at range and starting entosis on the next door IHUB(NIDJ). There is a brief Mexican standoff before for some reason, the goon Cerberus fleet warps off, leaving the Muninn fleet alone on the gate. At this point we jump in and pounce on the muninn fleet, scything through their logistics wing. The cerbs return at extreme range, picking off the occasional muninn, but the damage to the Muninn fleet was already done with all logistics and links down and Muninns rapidly dying. At this point all imperium fleets left field and entosis was cleared.

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All in all a fantastic night with lots of twists, turns, and excellent teamwork by my PAPI colleagues. Deranged octopus did a great job leading the Muninn fleet and it was equalled by Kael/Jeremy in TEST – great stuff and makes me really excited to be back. It really just did keep escalating for 2 hours straight and it was amazing. Oh, also, it's late here, sorry for the relatively poor composition.

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