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Capital Class Exploration Resurrected in M2

This will be my first actual attempt at a reddit post with any sort of sustenance so bear with me here.

Before I begin with today's adventure, I implore you to read this thread here https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/b8z6ha/capital_class_exploration_activity_needs_a_revamp/

This was always one of my favorite stories from r/Eve. It's unique, crazy, and wildly stupid all at the same time. As someone that has always enjoyed exploration in eve, I've always been drawn to the craziness that comes with it (See:

). So when my friend Micr0mancer made mention that there were a lot of cosmic sigs in M2, and casually posted This Thanatos Fit into our corp chat, I jumped at the opportunity to help scan the system.

Fit up a scanning Stiletto and off I went. Oh right, T5Z session changing instalockers, forgot about that.

Oh well, off we go again. This time I just use our handy dandy mobile jump bridges and have a titan just drop me straight into M2-XFE. Now let's get this this Thanatos in a site.

As most of you probably know by now, Scanning that many signatures in a system can be hilariously disappointing. 2 Wormholes (not taking this thing in that) and 6 Combat sites later a new signature pops up. Boom, Level 2 Relic site. I warp in and cloak up, ping micro and get a response "Fck, Reshipping" A couple minutes later we were Officially running a relic site in a Thanexplos . Was this dangerous? Yes. Was this risky? Yes. Did we expect Papi to drop on him and kill him? absolutely. That was kind of the fun of it.

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I'm not going to say this was the most thrilling of sites I've run or watched anyone run. Normally your Zooming to cans in your fit of choice. However, this was no normal circumstance and to my surprise, it can actually get up and go (Example). So, as you do in any normal capital class exploration, you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and then you Finish. First site down, no sign of the enemy and I've helped become part of the history of this silly ass game mechanic. Oh, wait. There's a level 4 Relic site that just spawned. WE GO AGAIN!!

This time I become a little more creative and have my friend warp Directly to me. Fortunately for us this site had near perfect can placement. So I positioned myself right between the 2 groupings and have him Warp. At this point we've spent probably 25-30 minutes inside of a site and surely Papi is ready to drop. To push the envelope a little more, Micro posts a pic of his loot in m2 in a public channel just to see if it piqued any interest. This turned out to be bait no one took. Maybe next time.

3 Cans down and we're burning to the last 4 cans. No sign of the enemy anywhere. This is either going to end very badly, or go so well that we'll be able to continue this adventure another day. That's can 4, 3, 2, and 1. Done. All in all, this didn't turn out into the most profitable run, but holy shit was it fun. A huge shout out to my new exploration friend Micr0mancer. May we forever be able to bond over this absolutely ridiculous endeavor, or see this abomination blown to smithereens in spectacular fashion.

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