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Character Bazaar: Was I scammed? Is it worth petitioning?

Asking for some extra eyes to take a look at my situation and let me know if they think I was scammed and if I should do anything about it. Here goes (obligatory apology for the wall of text):

I recently purchased a character through the character bazaar. After the character transfer completed and I logged in for the first time, I noticed another character transfer occurred for ISK approximately 16 days prior while looking through the character's wallet transactions (this first transfer occurred on 9/26). I was immediately suspicious, as the character I purchased was listed for sale around the same time this first transfer took place (within hours). Here is a screenshot of the character's wallet transactions, showing the payment for the first character transfer.

As you can see, the wallet transaction showed that "WTB All Characters" (someone who frequents the character bazaar) was the character that paid Russianeagle, which means that they purchased this character from its original owner. More importantly, Russianeagle was being transferred to "WTB All Characters"'s account (or an account closely affiliated with them).

Once this transfer was complete, the character was almost immediately listed on the character bazaar for sale (only hours after the first character transfer took place, on 9/26). Hours after the character was listed, "WTB All Characters" bid 120B ISK on the character in a reply to the listing on 9/26. While I can't prove it, given the character's transaction history, it's almost undeniable that "WTB All Characters" (or an account affiliated with this character) was in ownership of Russianeagle while simultaneously bidding on its listing. Not sure about anyone else, but this looks a lot like shill bidding to me. Here is a screenshot of the sale thread created for the character, along with "WTB All Characters"'s reply.. This thread is still up on the character bazaar forums by the way, if you'd like to take a look at it yourself.

Here is a screenshot of my 125B ISK payment to the character for the transfer (I am James Makbema).. As stated previously, I noticed something was up after the transfer to my account completed and I logged in, which brings me to now.

Here is a timeline of events, if this aids you in understanding (all times are EVE time):

Unknown date/time prior to 9/25: Russianeagle's original owner accepts a deal with "WTB All Characters" to sell his/her character to them for 105B. Russianeagle's original post soliciting buyers on the Character Bazaar has been conspicuously deleted as it cannot be found anywhere on the character bazaar.

9/25 at 09:37: "WTB All Characters" pays Russianeagle 105B ISK for the character. (see screenshot 1)

9/25 at 14:48: "Russianeagle" transfers the 105B ISK payment to "Russianbanker" (see screenshot 1)

9/26 at 01:00: Russianeagle is transferred to "WTB All Characters" (or an account associated with this character). "WTB All Characters" now owns this character and it is in their possession. 9/26 at 06:03: Mere hours after the character transfer completes, Russianeagle lists himself for sale in the character bazaar on the forums (see screenshot 2).

9/26 at 17:31: "WTB All Characters" (who is now the owner of Russianeagle) offers 120B as a reply to the listing created at 06:03, presumably to artificially inflate this character's value/bid amount. (see screenshot 2) From 9/28 to 10/10: Listing is bumped several times, and wallet transactions show that the character is being cleared of its assets.

10/10 at 09:45: I (James Makbema) bid 125B ISK on the character, as the current bid was 120B ISK.

10/11 at 05:49: Seller accepts my bid.

10/12 at 01:21: I (James Makbema) send 125B ISK to Russianeagle for the character transfer along with my account information. (see screenshot 3)

10/12 at 01:47: Russianeagle transfers the 125B ISK payment to "Jita Junky" (see screenshot 3)

10/12 at 12:00: Russianeagle is transferred to my account.

If you're flipping characters for a quick buck, that's one thing. But what rubs me the wrong way is that it appears the owner of the account bid on his own character sale thread to increase the perceived value/bid amount. Even if this isn't considered a "scam", I definitely think that it's shady activity at the very least, and hopefully I can at least make others aware of what's going on here so this won't happen to anyone else (though it probably already has). What do you think, eve, is this something CCP would do something about?


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