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Conflict between “Caladrius Alliance”(CA) and “Veni Vidi Vici”(VVV) in Tenal (CA’s statement)

This post is the statement by CA ourself. Japanese articles

  1. Cause:

03/14 When CA's mining fleet was mining moon ore at I1-BE8, suddenly attacked by VVV's Muninn Fleet and Dreadnoughts, losing one Rorqual ship and some Subcapitals.

And Athanor while mining in I1-BE8 was attacked by VVV and put into Reinforce.

Battle Report


There was no warning of these attacks, and CA and VVV had a Blue standing until this point.

VVV abruptly broke the Blue standing relationship unilaterally and without notice.

This was an extremely inappropriate and rude action that deviated greatly from the diplomatic protocol of Null sec.

The relevant Athanor in I1-BE8 has been held in the possession by CA since the Athanor was implemented in EVE on 10/24/2017, so there was nothing problem on CA.

As corroborated by killboard, it is also clear that No Conflict between CA and VVV before 3/14, VVV has a surprise attack on CA.

  1. VVV's claims(lies):

The VVV side has been making claims on Chinese forums (Baidu Tieba, etc..) as "VVV are legitimate", but these are complete lies.

Q1. Athanor belongs to VVV.

A1. Obviously a lie. As stated above, the ownership has always been on CA. If they insist on this, why don't they show the log of structure transfer? Because it isn't possible.

Q2. CA did not pay the moon fee (or rental fee).

A2. Q2 and Q1 contradict each other, it is clear that they are liars. The Athanor belongs to CA and is not rented. Therefore, "moon fee (or rental fee)"doesn't exist. We have never paid in past, nor we need to pay. If VVV lent it to CA, why don't they provide some evidence such as how much had been renting it for? Because it isn't possible.

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Q3: I1-BE8 is VVV territory, so all the interests(right) there belong to VVV.

A3. It is common knowledge in Null sec that "system's territorial interests" do not necessarily match with the holder of the interest at the system. As a result of the Tenal War through 2019-2020/02, it was decided that CA could legitimately hold and use Athanor in I1-BE8 as an end-of-war agreement. That is why CA has been using I1-BE8 Athanor for a year without any problems.

This one-year period of peace is the best evidence of the legitimacy of CA and proof that what VVV claims is a lie.

Why didn't they make these claims at signed the end-of-war agreement? Why did they not make these claims for a year and then suddenly attack CA? It is clear which side is right.

Q4: CA attacked VVV first.

A4: When CA was mining in I1-BE8, suddenly VVV porpoise appeared and started stealing our mining jet cans.

We can see from his killmail that porpoise contained some moon ore.

It is common knowledge in Null sec that we can sink such a vicious thief.

Within few tens seconds, after we started attacking the porpoise, more than thirty VVV fleets came through the jumpgate without using cyno.

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It would be impossible to do this without careful preparation. In other words, VVV used this trap on us. Fortunately, we can prove our legitimacy by some pictures, so we can prove our legitimacy.

EST 06:37,local has 49 character.

EST 06:38, local is increase to 75, same time at sunk VVV's porpoise

EST 06:39, local is 82, VVV's munnin fleet was already landing and link up.

VVV had planned in advance to kill our Rorqual, and had prepared to blame CA for "open hostilities".

  1. Course of this war:

From VVV, Caladrius Alliance looked small alliance like an ant, and they thought to could easily take interests from CA like crushing an ant.

However, at first, we succeeded to destroy VVV's Capital fleet in the battle of I1-BE8 on 03/15.


We use supers, and with the help of our friends "Siege Green."(SGGRN). It was worth it, we overwhelmed VVV.

After this, VVV repeated attacks on our Athanors persistently, but we defeated VVV's Munnin fleet, with the SGGRN and friends of Catch region represented by "Tactical Supremacy"(TIKLE).


04/01, at ZH3-BS as VVV's forward staging, we defeated VVV's fleet again.


04/03, at HB-5L3, in VVV's stronghold Cobalt Edge, CA and SGGRN overwhelmed and defeated VVV's fleet nevertheless our fleet is small than VVV's.(DPS is 31HAC+27facCL vs 75HAC)


VVV has suffered defeat after defeat, their plan would have failed. VVV loss already over 100Bisk, kill ratio(isk) is also losing a lot.


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Because EVE is a game where anything is possible, trust is very important. VVV has betrayed trust and will be an appropriate result.

At least, we will not sit back and accept the vicious acts by VVV.

On the other hand, as you know, the most wonderful ship in EVE is Friendship. It is thanks to friends like SGGRN, TIKLE, and others that we have been able to advance in this war.

We CA would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude.

While it is still unclear what the future of Tenal, there is no doubt that CA has legitimacy, as many other null-sec alliances agree.

We will fight to defend our legitimate interests.


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