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Edencom Balance – Split Ammo Between Single Target and Chain lightning

One of Edencom's biggest issues is that the ship class can't do what every other ship can do on a base level. Focus down 1 target. The chain lightning gimmick is really only useful in certain PVE situations and potentially large scale fleet fights. At the cost of the chain lightning, single target damage is extremely low (both from a base dps value and application issue).

Outside those areas, there is no role for these ships, which is one reason they're floundering so much. We can't even properly test how OP (or not OP) the chain lightning mechanic is in large scale fights because so few people have fully trained into them and there isn't enough demand to provide incentive for industrial/PVE people to to build/farm the ships, modules and skillbooks. Training into Edencom is met with overpriced ships/modules, with subpar performance in most situations.

On a fundamental level, Edencom should be able to have access to single target ammo so they can do what every other ship can do; i.e kill single targets in a similar manner as their counterparts. Then when the need arises, utilize the chain lightning gimmick.

Splitting the Ammo

The ammo split would look like this:

Long Range, low damage, lower application chain lightning mechanic (Strikesnipe, Mesmerflux and Slambolt)

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Short range, high damage, higher application single target ammo (ElectroPunch, Galvasurge and Blastshot)

The Cost of Splitting the Ammo

There should be a penalty with the ammo split and when switching ammo types. This would be to prevent situations in a fleet where you have a long range (LR) chain doctrine that gets warped on-top of and they quick swap to short range (SR), high damage ammo. There should be a penalty if you get caught with your pants down, not just a reload away from melting people up close.

Swapping from LR to SR or SR to LR ammo would incur at least a 30 second reload time (could be longer). Swapping or reloading within your SR or LR ammo type (for example, Electropunch to Galvasurge) would not cause the reload penalty.

Range and Estimated DPS

With the changes to single target ammo, the range would be shortened to an extent on Electropunch, Galvasurge and Blastshot while the LR ammo would remain the current stats. Rough estimate is about a 10-20% drop in range for the short range ammo's (depending on the ship size).

For estimated DPS for the single target ammo, keeping in mind the very high resistances for the frig/cruiser, a good estimate to shoot for would be:

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(lower number is T1 and higher number is T2 SR ammo)

Frigate = 140-175 dps

Cruiser = 375-450 dps

Battleship = 900-1200 dps (including drones)

Changing the ammo in this way would at least provide some incentive for people to try these ships out more and "get their foot in the door" to scale them out for further testing. In turn this would provide more demand to get the industrial machine moving to making them semi-affordable (which creates a snowball effect of benefits and ease of access).

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