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ESS Efforts: Part 1

Content of the article: "ESS Efforts: Part 1"

Fatalix Industries recently made an effort at these new fangled "ESS Things". This is the first part of our adventures: 3 of us went out to steal from the new ESS. 2x Phantasm and a Caracal who forgot his AB. We took a filament and ended up in the north/northwest area of Eve. It was in Venal that we got our first ever ESS theft. After dreaming about all of the riches we could buy with the 8m we had just stolen, we went deeper into one of the few regions that wasn't blue to us.

We quickly encountered a system with many reds, many bubbles, and a lonely condor. We cried out the FXIN motto of "Never not take the bait" and engaged the Condor. We destroyed the condor as a Falcon de-cloaked, lit a covert cyno, and dropped a bunch of Tengus. https://zkillboard.com/kill/88682038/

We decided this was not fun and left without losses. The Tengus were left with spheres of a bluish color. We decided to backtrack in the direction of Deklein. After waving hello to our friends in banderlogs, we came across an ESS with 20m ISK being robbed by a Gnosis. So….. we killed the Gnosis the took the bonds for ourselves. https://zkillboard.com/kill/88682405/

We continued on to a nearby ESS with over 30m inside of it. Unfortunately, there was a Sansha incursion, and our morale Caracal got scrammed by the rats (I knew he'd be trouble….). The Phantasm pilots did the honorable thing and left him for dead. We went on to the 30m ISK ESS and robbed it without incident. While the noble Phantasm pilots aligned for a safe spot to filament out to hopefully get close to home, our Caracal showed back up. It had lived…. Because of course it did (I knew he'd be fine!).

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The 3 of us filamented and ended up right back in PanFam space (blue, but far away). We decided to try our luck with a Thera hole 25 jumps away. After passing by a 7 man goon fleet lead by Asher Elias, we made it there and through, but were unfortunately caught by a camp in the Thera exit system in Catch that we decided to use and our Caracal was finally killed (Press F…). The Phantasms again ran away with much bravery, but the Caracal was lost 🙁 At the end of the day, we got 2 weird kills, and 3 ESS thefts. Mission accomplished!

Part 2 soon!

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