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[EVE lore] Sixth Prophecy of Macaper about to happen?

Content of the article: "[EVE lore] Sixth Prophecy of Macaper about to happen?"

For those not familiar with the Seven Events of the Apocalypse, it is a chronicle (lore text written by CCP) that describes the future events of EVE Online in vague, Nostradamus-like terms.

The first five prophecies have already come true.

The first calamity is described as "the cosmic kiss of the comets". In a remote Caldari system in YC100, two large comets collided head on, though this did not adversely affect any of that system's planets. This event was not initially linked to the prophecy until after the second calamity took place.

The second calamity took place a few months after the first calamity when the planet Fricoure in the Gallente Federation was flooded by rains which lasted for weeks. This flood was the first event to be linked to Macaper's prophecy by an unnamed astrology student, and is the calamity which began to draw attention back to the book.

The third calamity is described as a "roaring stone that silences the world". In YC101 an asteroid entered the atmosphere of the planet Rumida in the Amarr Empire, impacting in the ocean. In addition to damaged infrastructure and lost lives, thousands of people were left deaf due to the intense sound waves generated by the asteroid as it traveled through the atmosphere. This event resulted in Damella Macaper's name becoming renowned throughout New Eden.

The fourth calamity is described as "the appetite of nothing expands over the world."

This was the creation of Titans and their doomsday weapons, as you can see from the Erebus' description.

The fifth calamity is described as "the little brother makes the final sorrowful steps home; he is not welcome."

CCP confirmed this to be the Drifters returning to New Eden.

The sixth calamity is described as "what was many now becomes one when one becomes four."

Here's where things get interesting. There have been a few suggestions about what this could be, including the possibility that "what was many now becomes one" refers to the founding of the Upwell Consortium. It has also been thought that "when one becomes four" possibly refers to the four empires.

Here's what I think: "what was many now becomes one" refers to the systems that the Triglavians conquered becoming the Pochven region. Assuming that EDENCOM breaks into its four constituent navies now that the war with the Triglavians is over, "when one becomes four" could refer to that breakup.

The seventh calamity is described as the "return of the dark light from the heart of the mother."

This has nearly universally been thought to be the EVE gate opening back up to the Milky Way galaxy. However, u/michael_harari thought that this prophecy could refer to the stars darkening from the Triglavians' stellar manipulation.

TL;DR: CCP published vague spoilers about EVE's roadmap a while back, maybe the Triglavian war ending fulfills one of the prophecies.

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