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Eve Vegas 2021 Update!

Hi everyone!

We’re only two short weeks away from EVE Vegas 2021, and I’m so hyped for us to bring EVE Vegas back this year!

We closed ticket sign-ups on October 1, and we wanted to bring you some stats on that, as well as tell you about some of the cool stuff from CCP, so without further ado…

Overall ticket signups were incredible. We’ve got just over four hundred people signed up to attend, from a grand total of 51 confirmed alliances, and yet more independent corporations and capsuleers. These numbers are absolutely staggering, and I can already tell it’s going to be a fantastic weekend! If you couldn’t sign up for a ticket but still want to have a great time in Vegas in two weeks, just show up –

CCP have also been incredibly generous in helping all the efforts to get EVE Vegas going again. Every person who has signed up and attends will be receiving a random code for a ‘Friendship League’ SKIN – this could be for the Nestor, Stratios, or Astero. For those who haven’t seen them, they look absolutely fantastic:




We’ll be seeing a few CCPers come across to meet players and party with us; CCP Aurora (Community Developer), CCP Nocturne (QA Analyst), and CCP Icecream (Game Master).

CCP have provided a number of their “Fleet Up” Swag packs, too. There aren’t enough for everyone, so we’ll be raffling these off to Vegas-goers on Saturday October 23 – more details coming soon on this via our Discord server.

Fleet up Fanny pack swag

We will also have a number of CCP-signed Fleet Up swag packs that will be auctioned off. All proceeds from this auction will be going towards Able Gamers, a charity the EVE Online community has supported for many years. Able Gamers do some fantastic work to support those with disabilities, trying to enable as many people as possible to find communities and social engagement. If you want to find out more, look them up here: https://ablegamers.org/

Our weekend in Vegas is very much going to be a free-form event with people having fun in Vegas. That said, some members of our community are hosting events, and we’re putting together a schedule for you all. If you’re interesting in getting in touch with other partygoers, as well as seeing what’s happening and when, please feel free to join the Official EVE Vegas Discord server:

I look forward to seeing you all there!

P.S. For anyone interested in the alliances attending, here’s the list:


Brave Collective

Brotherhood of Spacers

Commonwealth Vanguard

Convocation of Empyreans

Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Dock Workers

Eternal Requiem



Get Off My Lawn

Goonswarm Federation

Gorgon Alliance

Greater Solitude Commonwealth

Guldan Age Empire

Hardly Competent

Holesale Operations

Ivy League

Local Is Primary

Lord of Worlds Alliance


Minmatar Republic

No Forks Given

Northern Coalition.

NullSechnaya Sholupen

Pandemic Horde

Pandemic Legion

Psychotic Tendencies.

Purple Helmeted Warriors

Quantum Inquisition

Ranger Regiment

Reckless Contingency.

Red Versus Blue



Shadow Cartel

Signal Cartel

Silent Company

Slightly Competent

Snuffed Out

Sons of Bane

Suddenly Spaceships

Tactical Narcotics Team

Test Alliance Please Ignore

The Bastion

The Initiative.

The Network.

The Rogue Consortium

What Could Possibly Go Wr0ng

Winning Eve.

Wrong Hole


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