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Explosive Velocity Update – Torpedo Changes Feedback

Content of the article: "Explosive Velocity Update – Torpedo Changes Feedback"

With the updates provided in the Explosive Velocity update slated to be released next week (the 24th) i know i'm most likely pissing in the wind providing feedback to CCP as they've already made up their mind here.

In the off chance this can be addressed, i'd like to talk about the proposed torpedo changes.

Torpedoes do not need application buffs, they really only need 2 things:

  1. More range (which this update is kind of providing, but i'll touch more on that below)
  2. Better fitting on the launchers

Torpedoes are very powerful with a lot of alpha. Their application should require either support ships (huginn/rapier/vigil/bellicose etc) or the almost entire dedication of your ship fit with application to fully utilize their damage. While the changes listed aren't entirely meta changing for torpedo application, it misses the mark on what torpedoes really need. They apply fine when you fit for it or they are supported. Just like people who complain that HAMS apply terribly when they fit a drake with no webs, the same goes for a torpedo battleship who only fits a grappler. Its not the fault of the weapon system, but the user. Fitting sacrifices should still apply to get maximum effect.

I'd rather drop the application bonuses and focus on range and fitting.


Reviewing the numbers, it looks like we get a 20% bonus to torpedo velocity. That means that torpedo base range (on non-bonused hulls) has gone from 20km using faction torpedoes, to 24.3km. Like, that doesn't really do anything. Its actually a little funny, because back when i made a post addressing torpedo buffs here i mentioned they should at least reach point range. Well, i guess CCP took that a little too literally and brought them to exactly cold T2 point range. It is however missing the fact that missiles have travel time, and a target that is moving at 24km, will not be hit by missiles. Which is why the minimum base range should be 30km. As i mentioned in my old post, a battleship should at least be able to project out to full point range to apply damage (its slow and mostly stationary). Even large neutron blasters with null easily project past 30km. Bombers range can be dropped down further to compensate, as CCP has already done.

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As mentioned in my old post, torpedo fitting is what primarily needs addressing. CCP's favorite topic lately is brawling. Well Torpedoes are the missile option for brawling with a missile battleship. RHML reload will kill you most of the time when trying to brawl and cruise missile RoF and volley isn't great for brawling. That leaves you with torpedoes, but most ships in the game get their fitting absolutely strangled by torpedo launcher fitting. Meaning, most ships have to use buffer fits to use torpedoes to be effective. There are exceptions with the Scorpion Navy Issue, Rattlesnake, Golem and Praxis. For everything else though, its either buffer fit, or you gimp the application/fit to try to squeeze in an active tank. The RNI is especially affected by this because it needs to fit 8 launchers. If CCP really wants to start to buff brawlers with direct buffs, reduce torpedo fitting (fitting in general on brawly weapons).

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Reduce fitting on T2 launchers down to current faction launcher values, or about a 5-8% reduction in PG and CPU. Most fits open up enough with faction launchers to be workable. But things get pricey when you need 6-8 of them just to get a fairly standard T2 fit to work.


Side note on the Phoenix. I won't talk too much about XL torps as i've never used them (since i don't do anti-capital stuff). The application bonus to XL torps seems fine, but did they really need more damage on top of that? To talk more about the Rapid Torpedo launcher, these application and range buffs apply to it too. The rapid torp phoenix really didn't need MORE application and range. Maybe consider nerfing the siege module range bonus for only standard torpedoes (may need to create a separate stat) to keep them at the same current range?

Just my 2 cents as your friendly torpedo aficionado

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