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Could we get some way to see our own fighters that excludes itself from the normal overview category? Maybe some kind of additional overview category like "owned by me" or something. Or even a button tied to fighter controls to highlight your fighters.

As it stands, you can only see your fighters on the overview if you have one of the affiliation categories displayed (corp, alliance, fleet). I don't know what workarounds other have come up with, but my only current solutions are:

  • Constantly 'look at' and zoom in to figure out where my own fighters are in space
  • Constantly switch between friendly and hostile overviews
  • Use an overview that shows all/most fighters and accept that 10fps is my life now
  • Target my own fighters so they are always visible

Since I'm here may as well ask for some other QoL things too:

  • An indicator on some of the movement commands (the buttons, right-click menu, or radial menu) that indicates if the command is going to your fighters. Or even a different colored radial-menu when a fighter is selected.
  • Range spheres on the tactical overview like what you get when you hover over modules on your own ship (centered on the fighters themselves of course.
  • Split the speed and distance (or at least allow manual control) info under your fighter icon instead of switching back and forth automatically. It can be extra annoying when the fighters are showing different info at the same time.
  • Make fighters automatically try to burn normally if they fail to warp after ordering them to return to hangar. Especially with the first overview issue, it can be easy to miss the notification that they failed and have decided to just stop and do nothing. I can't remember for certain, but I think the 'Return and Orbit' command does not have this issue and works as you would expect.
  • Allow multiple tubes to be re-filled from a single fighter stack. You can already split the stacks to accomplish this, but after a decent amount of fighting the hangar gets messy and trying to reorganize either means math+time or having them all stacked.
  • An action indicator that tells you what the fighter is doing, just like how they are displayed above your own capacitor. Ex. 'Approaching Rowells' Rifter', 'Orbiting Veldspar at 10km', etc.
  • Allow re-sizing of the hangar window and icons. At any given time, half of the space used to display fighter tubes is unused as you can't have a fighter out in space and in the tube. Maybe that saved space would be a good place for all of the extra details on the fighters I've asked for above.
  • Display the actual ability details in the tooltip when you hover over the fighter guns/prop mod/ewar. Like you would expect on your own ships modules.
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Of course that could easily become a lot of information, so preferably there is some granularity and customization in how it is displayed.

E: Apologies, the coffee kicked in after the first paragraph.

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