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Frat vs The Freemen of the North – Week 3

Bonjour les amis, je vous apporte la mise à jour de la semaine 3!

And that is the extent of my French after my relatively limited ‘cultural exchange’ with our French allies. I’ve requested their sisters' phone numbers to get some tutoring but they haven’t taken me up on the deal.

Week 3

Week 3 has been punctuated by multiple small skirmishes as both sides continue to reinforce jump bridges and beacons, with subsequent responses for their respective defenses. Frat has focused heavily on TP for this week, hitting them in AUTZ before they are awake, mostly in response to TP hitting them in EUTZ when the pandas sleep. This has led to some overlap into Rote (Read: Late US) timezone and we were able to help defend TP bridges against the relative kitchen sink that was thrown against them. BOSS and the Venal boys have been busy with their own harrassment campaign, and while not quite reaching the mad frenchmen's level of reinforcing all of the things, they've done a bang up job forcing WinterCo B team to feed relentlessly.

Previously, in Week 2, Nullsechnaya Sholupen had anchored a Fortizar in the border system of KQK1-2 in Pure Blind. Since they are incapable of subtlety, we reckoned that their next play would be to try to bait out fights in Tribute. We’ve been allies in the past so there was a small chance they’d come to take the fight to Frat, but without any communication, that seemed unlikely.

Their first push was on 20 Jan, around 0130. We were busy fleeting up with BOSS to kill a Frat Azbel that was entirely undefended, and during our time gone NSH was able to net some kills before our fleet could make it back.

Rote/Boss/Cone Sacs vs NSH Cerbs. We mostly fought for positioning initially, before NSH committed and we started the fight proper. As most HAC engagements go, it was quick and brutal, with a slew of losses on one side or the other before it’s called off. NSH would break off the engagement after it was clear that they were not making further progress once we got our pants on and remembered how to ADC. We harassed them all the way back to KQK, mostly trading evenly on light tackle. We walked back home and reset the bait beacon (bacon) and got lucky 20 minutes later when a NSH JF decided to take the bait.

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Shortly following this, xXNemXx of BOSS was contacted by /u/MrChuckNorris to establish some diplomatic ties and left this voicemail. Seems a bit premature, but in line with the JF coming in early.

These events would repeat the next day and the next next day with similar, but unsurprising, results. Week 3 has been ‘wild’.

However, I would be remiss to not mention the D7-ZAC Fortizar loss by Frat in the early hours of Saturday morning. Understand that this sits outside the time period of ‘week 3’ but going forward I’ll keep the isk/damage tally on hard 7 day periods and fit what makes a good story into the ‘weekly’ updates.

The Beachhead Attempt

As previously reported, Frat’s first big move of the war was to attempt to establish a beachhead in the TP capital of D7-ZAC. This did not end well with the loss of a JF and the Fortizar. They would be able to successfully get one in place, that would see itself pushed into Hull timer and saved initially at the end of Week 2. Not to be deterred, TP would reinforce the structure again, pushing it to a Hull timer for just prior to downtime on 23 Jan. I personally was asleep (0330 Local time) but getting the debrief from the Roo-Crew of Rote the battle boiled down to Frat bringing their latest fleet comp, Tempest Fleet Issues and being subsequently countered by their arch nemesis, long range bombers. The Fort would get pushed down to near death when downtime hit, and after a short reset, the boys logged back in to finish the job.

I’ll let the FCs and gentlemen involved give a better AAR, as I don’t think I could do it the justice that it deserves, but the breakdown as I understand it is:

Frat showed in Tempest Fleet Issues

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Snuff came with them in 10mn Tengus

Freemen were in LR Bombers, Muninns, Hacs, Talos.

We kept the Fort paused and ticking down as the very slow TFI fleet worked its way towards D7. Upon arrival, engagement and subsequent retreat, the TFI’s inherent immobility made things a mess for Frat as picks were made, and implant sets pulled. All in all a successful defense, as the field was looted and the Fort core secured by the Freemen.

Not to be outdone however, Frat decided to bring another Fort down to the area via Rorqual. It didn't quite make it as it was spotted jumping in on the world's worst Arazu pilot's cyno, subsequently bumped and killed.

The Scorecard

Week 3 – 15-21 Jan 2021

Current Hubris Tax Level for Frat V Rote Kapelle: 834%, for TP: 868%

Current tallies are:

Team Frat Freemen
Isk Lost 394b 169b
Ships Lost 2070 1267
Supers 1
Dreads 12 7
Fax 5 1
Carrier 3
JFs 1
Rorqs 2
Forts 1
Azbel 2
Athanor 1
Ansiblex 7
Tenebrex 4 2
Battleships 72 27
HACs 73 51
Botters 129

And some graphs to go along with it:

Rote V Frat

TP V Frat

These numbers don't capture the entirety of the forces as that would detrimentally skew the numbers in our favor of 1:5 vs 1:15 and give Noraus even more of a reason to pull all heavy assets from Delve in order to secure Vale/Tribute from a bunch of Dads and Bread Enthusiasts.

Here is a translated transcript of a Fraternity meeting. If you don't care to read through the entire thing, I can point out key phrases that should stick out to you:

  1. Then the most important thing for us is the more important war, the more important war, and the more important war that takes place near Low An, which is P3EN, where we fight every day in Silent Valley
  2. we can’t just rely on Silent Valley and the FC here, so we need more FCs and more members. First, get our combat preparations to Silent Valley and go to H-5
  3. During the Spring Festival, we are going to tell him why we should bring the Jedi Titans back, right? During the Spring Festival, I plan to take down all of them in one Spring Festival
  4. The most important battles are with Toilet Paper., Rote Kapelle, Quote Alliance, No Visual., Brotherhood of Spacers, Trigger Happy., DarkSide
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Combine this with a move op (happening today!) curiously named "Trail of Tears" (real classy guys) and it becomes pretty clear that Frat no longer has any real intentions to support the Southern War in a serious capacity and is choosing to focus up north. Anyway, I'll leave those kinds of questions to my fellow space nerds in PAPI.

If you have any further questions for us feel free to hit us up here or on Discord as usual.

The biggest of thanks to the following:

  • We Form V0lta
  • United Federation of Conifers
  • No Vacancies
  • Odin's Call (all 600 of them)
  • Triumvirate
  • Pen Is Out
  • Brotherhood of Spacers
  • Arkhos Core
  • /u/_DJtanner for these slick visuals
  • Anyone I missed: I love you

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