EVE Online

Frustration of a Returning Player

Log in, find myself in my home station, guess the structure I logged off at was blown up… which is to be expected. Before leaving the game I evac all my stuff from the WH I was living in. While my friends used a citadel, claiming asset safety could be later used to move everything to wherever I needed, I preferred not to put my trust in CCP (wow did I dodge a bullet there). Instead, I used something that didn’t change ever since the game began, old reliable NPC high-sec station. Open assets window, right click the station, set desti… wait, no option to set destination? Oh well, guess CCP updated the UI or something. Right click, station info, region… well, I’ve never heard of a region named Pochven. Like a student who missed a class, I go ahead and Google some homework. So this new region is actually made up of ex-high/low sec systems and I was lucky enough to store my stuff in one of those. Shit happens. To make matters worse, it is only accessed via WHs which are guarded by drifters (doesn’t sound like fun) and filaments, also it’s actually -1.0 security and no cynos… lovely. Ok, more reading is needed here… what are those fila thingies… Seems like it’s not as complicated as I thought, just activate the fila thingy, and boom you are in, excellent! So I get myself one of those teleportation magic stones, activate and arrive Pochven. Now the Set Destination option finally works, only 4j out, great. Warp to gate, jump… can’t jump?!…. FFS I need grind standings to use a fking gate?! If I can’t jump between system, and last time I tried PvE/farming was 10 years ago… guess I’ll just have to buy a bunch of those fila stones and randomly go through the systems… But I need to be in a specific system, and it’s unclear what are the home/border systems (I honestly couldn’t find anything in-game to give me that indication)… thank god we have people like Ephriane Korasai who wrote a guide exactly about that 🙂 So I buy 10 teleportation thingies and let’s go…first is a miss, never mind try aga… WTF 30 MINUTES BETWEEN ACTIVATIONS? Are you fking kidding me? Not only do I need a very lucky roll, I can only retry twice an hour?!

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So, if while flying through this CCP region of hell, you come across a lonely Ark on dscan, please press F to pay your respects.

PS yes, my friend did lose most of his stuff due to the asset safety removal, and yes I did laugh at him, then he reminded me that while he won Eve, I clearly lost.

tldr~ while AFK I got my stuff moved from high sec to a null system without gates or cynos, and the only way in is to roll a dice every half an hour. srsly wtf is this shit

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