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Hello …me again!

Had to post about another awesome public roam that we ran last night…. not quite as dank as last weeks, but pretty darned awesome!

~12hours after letting the pod goo settle, i just thought I'd do a super quick write up… yet another 20BN destroyed!

We formed up the usual public roam from the "EBWF public" channel at 1900 and headed out after a quick formup with 4 inties, a trio of dictors, a duo of booshers, and twin logi with around 30 raptors and a half dozen T1 frigs / faction frigs.

We took a Thera hole to Oasa, and then burnt to where our scouts had eyes on 3 Marauders and a Phoenix thrashing it about with a x3 Hurricanes with x3 Exeqs and x1 Rodiva. The Canes deaggressed and hopped in right as we landed, and i opted to engage the Canes as opposed to the Marauder / Phoenix just because the Marauders are completely insane atm, and had a good little skirmish with them i believe without loss.

The Marauders got safe, but our hero dictor (youdaman!) got a bubble up on the Phoenix and eventually afetr deagressing after the cane fight we hopped on through to whittle the Phoenix down relatively quickly without loss once again.

Not a bad start – 22mins into the fleet – ~6BN destroyed!

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We pushed fairly quickly in and around Oasa where we took a well deserved bio and then headed out into Venal for some more FUN!

After our hop in from Thera – our scout got eyes on a fleet moving relatively quickly through Venal and we just had to engage! – a fleet of 6 mixed combat BC, 3 cruisers, 1 HAC, 1 AF, and assorted support.

1 raptor loss and 1.63BN isk destroyed

We took a bio and lost a few people – around 12-15 iirc, and then had a bit of a push through Deklein where we caught some broken gila botters, a drek, a cerb, a bifrost, which were duly reported and also a Rattlesnake all of which were killed!

We then found a drifter hole to Geminate and then eventually into Kalevala where we had some more fun… We messed around with a tengu pilot in S-LHPJ who was bouncing tacs, but was very ellusive. As we left local he undocked a Thanny and was clearly wanting to play. We hot footed it back and then got his aggressed and killed him! It became fairly evident that he didn't understand docking mechanics on a structure!

Kudos to Odins Call on the next kill – they temp blued us and we assisted them killing a nice Vargur

All in all a cracking roam – nearly 6 hours from formup to docking – 19.75BN isk destroyed and lots of happy NPSI-ers!

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1st Skirmish 886.65m isk destroyed

Phoenix 4.02BN

Gila 208m

Vedmak 276m + pod 477m

Gila 208m

Gila 209m

Gila 210m

2nd Skirmish 1.63BN destroyed

3rd Skirmish 1.60BN destroyed

4th Skirmish 3.92BN destroyed

Thanny 2.57BN

Praxis 216M

Vargur 3.16BN

There are loads of other kills… nearly 2 pages again on zkill!

Highlights video coming really really soon!

If you fancy coming along to a roam – please drop onto discord here > https://discord.gg/78CS3Aa, and come fly with us! o7


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