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Further Testing Reveals some Surprises. Not all good either.

Besides the fact of nearly wasting 75+% of my ore with a module…why Do I have these hazard bars? Maybe for marking me as bad miner?

Further Testing in SISI has revealed some surprises. Not all of them good.

1) Faction Mining Modules…there is alot of hidden surprises here.

Outside of ORE Miner I, the Wild Miner I <Yang Jung Mining Module> is at T2 level of yield, and accessible to alpha players. 0% waste. Normally found on contract not market.

Gallente Mining Laser has a 0.66 waste multiplier which means you get about 25% loss. Which is a bit more acceptable.

Civilian Miners have 50% waste amount…which shocked me a bit.

Drumroll please….

Single Diode Laser….3 multiplier of waste. Nearly 75+% wastage mechanic applies. I think this is a very important item for a storyline mission? So why does it have this bad a waste mechanic? Its almost as bad as Type C Crystals! Now the most inefficient storyline module to date. But on the flipside it does allow players to enter Mining PVP as an alpha.

Also just a note ORE Deep Core Mining laser has a 1 multiplier so it does have waste actually on par with the Civilian Miners.

2) Gas and Ice Mining Waste. Both are affected by the mechanics at a 33-35% rate. Ouch.

So ORE Ice Mining Lasers for everyone ice mining. And Syndicate Gas Harvester Equipment for the Huffers. both have 0% loss.

Still no way to test the barge gas equipment seems still bugged.

3) Mining Frigates and Expedition Frigates have been Smash Nerfed.

Venture lost its gas mining bonuses. No easy way to start gas mining…which means as I have pointed out in a reddit post before. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/ojvoju/the_glaring_danger_of_the_unsubbing_wave_to_eve/

If we have another wave of unsubs…there will be a further market collapse due to the fact that ventures can not gas huff anymore efficiently.

The Prospect and Endurance have seriously taken hits, because someone has misunderstood their purpose in game. They are mining vessels…not exploration ships. They can do some exploration on the side…just like you can fit a Venture to do mining and exploration as well.

Prospect was refitted by someone who probably never played them and trying to cram all the functions of the original Endurance/Venture into one ship hull, while simultaneously stripping them of their yield bonuses and benefits.

One Tranquility the Prospect Max-Min has the potential yield of over 3000m3 on SISI its been halved.

Also the CPU nerf to that ship has made it less capable of fitting mining upgrades and two mining laser over a set size.

Endurance is now shaping up to an unrealistic ship, due to it now outgunning and out tanking the Astero…beating the Worm in all regards both to exploration and Abyssal Combat. I have many reservations and frustration on this change. One the Endurance is a mining ship and should not be suddenly the go to for Exploration or secondly an immediate choice for Abyssal running! There is even a gag running how the Astero can mine better than the Endurance!

Also the dastardly fact that the ice mining bonuses were removed, makes me think some HULK lover was partaking in this patch. Because the Hulk on SISI is now nearly ~36sec in Ice Mining! WTH.

Hulk on Tranquility has the benefit of getting down to 48-46sec and getting 2 Ice Blocks unboosted. With boosts it goes lower on SISI the dang thing is now getting into high 30 sec region with full skills. But on Tranquility the Endurance is about 45.56sec but on SISI it was nerfed to 148sec minimum!

4) Mining Barge/ Exhumer head games.

As I have said, the mining barges have been needlessly weakened…which makes Gankers really really happy. Especially when dealing with T1 barges. T2 Ships are all goofed up.

Hulk as noted above has become the terror of mining. Skiff has been turned into a really slow barge with ORCA like maneuvering stats. Macks get a bit better capacity to carry more.

But it doesn't seem to help the situation any better.

And this is just the active components never mind the resources, wastage, and ORCA, Porpoise, Roqual Nerfs.

5) New Asteroid Field Nightmares.

The new asteroid fields are like balls and spheres instead of the old half-crescents.

However, there are a few issues. Bump mapping negates cloak and warp out. Some of the asteroids have huge bump maps which interfere with cloaking or warp out mechanics.

Also due to the spread of resources in the new Asteriod Fields you have to travel quite long distances to collect your ore. Longer time to get into range means bigger engagement window for gankers or hunters. Which will be a rather big no go for solo miners. With bump mapping issues this means Lowsec, Nullsec, WH, and Pochven mining is now more fraught with dangers than even during Scarcity and Hunters Boon update. Does this make sense to anyone do you want to be decloaked by an invisible ore bump map or get hung up by a massive bump map during frantic attempts to get into warp away from a hunter/ganker? I think not.

CCP Please revert all Expedition and Mining Frigate tweaks.

Give the Endurance maybe a bit more bandwidth for drones and increase drone hold to 50m3. Give also a passive yield roll bonus for gas mining

Give the Prospect a higher yield bonus per level for gas harvesting. Possibly increase its survivability with +2 Warp Core Stab Bonus. Maybe keep the mining cycle speed per level bonus.

Venture needs to keep the gas harvesting bonus…maybe remove +1 Warp Core Defense.

Also give small resource harvesting rigs for ice mining for use with the Prospect and Endurance. So they can compete with the barges and their ilk.

CCP must rebalance all barges and exhumers…revert changes.

The Hulk is going to become almost primary use one, and will proceed to cause balancing headaches for CCP going forward. The mining speed is too fast for an exhumer especially for Ice Mining. The Endurance should be the fastest ice mining ship in the game. The Hulk should come second…but gets a yield benefit of 2 blocks per cycle. Also this ship gets huge benefits of range over all other exhumers. Which might need to be called into Question. because with right modules, implants, and boosts this thing can hit rocks from 75-100km out.

Skiffs and Procurers need to be left alone and rebuffed with slots and speed/maneuverability. These are premier lowsec mining barge ships. And should reflect that ability to both tank and defend themselves.

Macks and Retrievers seem a bit fine, just a bigger set of holds would be nice benefit. Maybe a bit more tank wouldn't hurt.

CCP needs to look over the Asteroid Fields concept.

Bump Mapping on all resource items needs to be carefully reviewed. There were bugs with the gas clouds back in October. If you orbited them they would be out of range of the gas harvesters due to bump map issues. The same issue is cropping up with the asteroid fields. The amount of time one has to expend just to get into range of most asteroids is not beneficial. And getting decloaked by invisible bump maps or hung up trying to warp away on same said bump maps is a huge problem.

CCP needs to review the Crystal Lineup.

Also the crystals need reworks. A Veldspar II crystall should give me 4000m3 total yield for Veld over a Generalist Common Asteroid Ore Crystal II A. Right now that is inverted. Which does not make any sense whatsoever. Also the crystals force players to operate either with Max Skill V and T2 equipment. Or the other option is Faction Modules to minimize waste.

CCP needs to Review Faction Modules.

Considering me finding a faction module with nearly 85% waste. And its needed for a mission!

CCP should look into how faction/storyline module interact with resources…besides waste.

I mean a Gallente Mining Laser should have some benefits to ores in Gallente space right?

The Single Diode Mining Laser should have some benefits with simple ores like Veld/Scordite but its waste mechanic should be going into overdrive with anything above that. Or meaning it only efficiently mines variant one ores not the upgraded ores. Veldspar 100% bonus…dense 50%…concentrated 25%

There are ways to make every module have its place and advantages.

Besides the fact there are no gas mining upgrade modules.

This "patch" is a real flop on so many fronts.


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