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Ganker Baiting 101

Content of the article: "Ganker Baiting 101"

Press Release – Amarr Certified News

Sheroo X – Moon 11, 09.01.123: There have been several recent reports of space piracy in New Eden, committed by suicide gankers, griefers and various other rebel scum. Their activities have been reported as affecting our trade with the Caldari State. The great men of science have, from ancient times, pointed out

, heroically taming wild asteroids in the depths of uncharted space. It is therefore obvious that these unfortunate heretics are acting in such an unproductive manner only because of their failure to attain true crustaceanhood. Our theologians are of the opinion that they may yet be saved, by teaching them the sacred arts of mining and giving them mining ships such as the Imperial Impairor. Our navy and the Foreign Trade Division of Imperial Shipment have come up with this handy guide for capsuleer volunteers, to help them guide these pitiable souls towards the true path of krabdom.

Step by Step Guide:-

  1. Create a new character. Get your racial fast industrial by, for example, completing the Business Career Agent missions. Train the skills required to pilot it.
  2. Leave active ship. Board your corvette. Ensure that your corvette has a civilian mining laser and that everything is in good working condition. Exit, unfit modules and repackage the corvette.
  3. Repeat Step 2. Now you have two repackaged Impairors (or whatever your racial corvette is). and their fittings. Select all of these and courier contract these to your main (or second alt). The courier route needs to go through a ganker system such as Uedama or Egghelende. Set collateral and reward to 0 ISK.
  4. Now log out, log into your main and contract them back to your first alt. Use the same settings.
  5. Go back to your alt. You will now have a double-wrapped package. Move this into your fast industrial. You may need to fit some Expanded Cargoholds. (Use T1 modules.) Now fit any cheap modules you find lying around – it doesn't really matter. Get creative!
  6. INSURE your industrial. Fly out. Autopilot to destination.
  7. You may need to pass through a few ganker systems before a hunting ganker notices you. Gankers are predators, not scavengers. So they will only accept your gift of mining Impairors after killing your industrial. Just wait calmly for this to happen. (Killmail)
  8. Once your ship has been destroyed, CONCORD will educate the gankers on the error of their ways. They will then be in a better frame of mind to receive your gift and attain enlightenment.
  9. Some gankers will attempt to show their gratitude by showering you in monosodium chloride. Collect this rare drop and share it with your friends. Remember, sharing is caring!
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/ End of Transcript /

A big shout-out to SuPPrisE Ambraelle for being a good sport and not getting salty over their Gnosis loss. Images follow:-

Step 3: Contracting two Impairors to second alt.

Step 4: Contracting back to the first alt.

Step 9: Did not get any salt. 0 / 10

P. S. This should go without saying, but the above shitpost guide is written in-character and do not reflect my actual views.

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