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Gold Rush – Decouple Harvesting from Utilization.

Content of the article: "Gold Rush – Decouple Harvesting from Utilization."

CCP has stated that the current "scarcity" phase will end and be replaced by a more "balanced" supply of resources. What if, when that happens, the baseline remains scarcity, but what gets added back are big spawns of depletable resources that will cause "Gold Rushes", and large scale conflict?

In the 15 ish years that I've been playing in null, I've noticed a repeating pattern where an alliance conquers some space, sits in that space, and then slowly rots from the inside out as the repetitive nature of farming in EvE takes its toll. By the time someone comes to conquer their space, they're just an empty husk.

What if your home space was where you store and utilize resources, but not where you get them? What if you had to send expeditions to get them opportunistically when they appear and fight for them against others who are doing the same?

It might work like this:

  1. An explorer discovers a mega-spawn of resources. They try to keep it quiet while they farm it of course, but inevitably word gets out.
  2. Many entities rush to the site of the spawn, try to assert control over some or all of it, harvest it, and transport it back to their sov space. Chaos and widespread fighting ensues at the spawn site and along supply lines.
  3. These bounties of resources get stored back in sov space in huge silos that then become potential targets for raiders.
  4. The number of upwell production and storage structures in a given system are limited, and require sov to anchor, providing a reason to need sov space, and conquer sov space, in order to build and maintain your war machine.
  5. Some resources are still available in all space, similar to what they were pre-Dominion, but the Dominion forever-farms go away when it comes to mined resources.
  6. Entities who aren't interested in fighting for resources have an alternative. They can rat in their home space and buy them, or finished goods, with earned isk from the markets.
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In my opinion, this would drive conflict, make living in null space more interesting and dynamic, and make "combat mining" a thing as part of frequent integrated campaigns.

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