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Happy DeathVersary Darkness or How i killed you

PSA: I am not the person behind this story. i am mere a messenger, here to bring you this delightfull story.
Link to the story in pdf can be found at the end!

TLDR: I played EVE

As a TEST spy, I achieved being head of intelligence in DARKNESS., turned some Black Hand spies, burnt others. Oh, and we strike the coup de grace on DARKNESS.

My handlers and I did some crazy stuff over these past 3 years. So much happened, some still in motion and therefore redacted, but I tried to sum up the wildest bits.

A.M.AA : Meyiah#7947*

Almost anything*

The girl with the french accent

A(nother) spy story.

In 2017, I was back after a long time off from the game in a high-sec corp and met a few months later an old friend in an event who told me he was also playing EVE.
He was in TEST at the time, and spoke to me enthusiastically about the null-sec.
I decided to take the necessary steps to leave my current corporation and join him at TEST. It was summer, his CEO agreed to take me in, and we decided it was best to join in September, past the holidays.
But days before I was about to join, the corporation I was in had exploded, and the people I played with, offered me to follow them into DARKNESS.
I warned my friend IRL, who told me to contact the TIA (Test Intelligence Agency), for him this turnaround was an excellent opportunity.

September 2017, I joined DARKNESS., as a spy for TEST.

From Newbie spy to Director

2017 – December

Looking back, I was very far from imagining the adventure that I was about to live.
I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into, I was noob and naive : weirdly it happened to also be my strength as a spy.
TIA Handlers Canenald and Cornak trained me over the years and provided me with almost weekly “how-to spy 101 lessons”. (I truly sympathize for them, they had an unfailing patience with me…and they know I can talk spam a lot),


At this time names like Mittani, Gobbins,… (and yes, even PGL) were names that didn’t ring any bell for me.

I was in what my handlers would call the “long game” which fitted my morals (no stealing, and other weird stuff), and shy by nature, I was at first mostly lurking more than participating and pointed out to TIA, people that I felt could be turned, at least momentarily.
The corporation I was in at the time had a CEO who did not speak English, which allowed me from the beginning to take advantage of a gap to receive information I shouldn’t have, translating pings and messages from CEO / Director channels on Darkness Discord.
And, for obvious reasons, my CEO was ordered a month later to appoint me as director, since the messages were transiting through me.

At this point, Cornak was daily-reading the Darkness Director Channel chatlog. And I feel I have to apologize to Dreddit members if his sanity was compromised…


From Director to Triple-Agent

2018 – April

After a few months, the confidence within my corporation as Director had become unwavering, it was now necessary to make oneself indispensable on an alliance level.
The life of a corporation is uncertain within an alliance and I had to make sure that whatever happens to the corp I was in, I could survive in DARKNESS. (my mission)
There are many paths for that asking for alliance-level space jobs (FCing, SRPteam, Logi lead) but I thought I might as well take the one that I knew a bit already, and in which TIA could support me : providing information.
The TIA was warned and validated another crazy long-term plan : To work in the Darkness Intelligence services.


First things first, I had to make sure to gather enough intel to be somehow an asset for GotG.

So “Naturally” , few weeks later I found myself in addition to TEST and DARKNESS. into PH and GOONS in order to provide information to Darkness.
Obviously, all these alliances are the ones where getting in is the easy part, but staying in and gaining useful information are much harder and require lots of ‘work’.
Especially when you're sure to get noticed as soon as you’ll need to talk in coms (basically, my voice/pitch/accent could easily be recognized by any other spy / counter-intel).

The TIA had given me carte blanche about divulging anything that I find in any of the alliances I was in (even TEST, although it was not much a risk for us, since I had access to pretty much nothing but to read Dreddit’ war Updates channel , and Cornak’s funny AARs in Horde fleets)

Being at GOONS and supposedly “TEST” allowed me to gain usefulness for the DARKNESS alliance. And my time in goons was a great wake-up call, about what we call “alliance culture ” as I read, a few weeks after joining, this “Pidgin’s ping” calling for denunciation : anything that looked shady had to be reported directly to HC and not corp directors. –

Quite the scary welcome in goon lands, but a beautiful reminder that I was on the right side of this story. – however, it ends –

On a Side Note: Horde was actually useless for me since all the alliance FCs (now in INIT.) had their doppelganger’ accounts into PANFAM . (non-TEST spies, see footnotes we can talk business)** .


Anyway, accessing even basic information from the whole top alliances was interesting to understand the timetable of events, And therefore getting a more truthful story – We don’t want to believe neither Goon nor Northern propaganda, right . !

During these few months, I managed to gain ranks within my goon’s corporation and to access interesting SIGs, (And here I thought Black Hand would’ve detected me in less than two weeks, for so many reasons). Thanks to SiGs, the in-goon corp promotion, and with the help of the TIA we turnt and burnt some spies of Black Hand free of charge.

(We even found a resilient one with more than 32 spy-alts on 5 distinct big alliances. He got kicked in the end from goons too – well mostly. I’m so curious as to what happened with Black Hand? He’s still a bit of a mystery for me).

It’s also during this time that Goon launched their “NGSA” (national goon surveillance agency) – in short “hey guys, let’s cloaky camp whole Deklein for paps” -, Resulting in allowing me to link easily neutral accounts to their rightful main Goon account as they reported stuff on the dedicated chat. (Hey, we never know, these neutrals could be the next spies joining. better have them on record). And it’s also thanks to the NGSA chat, that I could link a spy that was providing intel to Goon about my darkness corpmates, – As the corp director, I was annoyed and had to discover his identity. Which I did easily.


Oh no! No more jabber reports…

At this point, – as a spy for Darkness – I didn’t have any authority over GotG HR decisions, I couldn’t tell them to kick the guy, since I wasn’t able to provide a proof that wouldn’t give me away at the same time. So instead, as a strategy, I used a proxy person to create a drama with his corp’ CEO who had no choice but to defend his guy – even a mercenary one -. This resulted in the corp getting bitter and bitter against GOTG while Darkness HC was trusting less and less a CEO defending a mercenary. Until they finally left the alliance.

1 corp left, how many to go?

Anyway, aside from “home” drama, maintaining multiple accounts that required playing time was not sustainable with my real life, I had to quickly find a plan to re-focus on my main mission. TIA and I decided I would get legitimately caught by Goon intelligence, as an excuse to focus back on Darkness. I decided to start being more and more carefree to test Black Hand. A month later, my Goon corp directors received a message to kick-ban me with no further infos. But, the next step of the TIA plan was already in motion, and my time in Goons was just one stepping-stone to access to higher ranks within DARKNESS.

My space-job being well paid (by TEST, but also by Darkness.), In few months I was able to get dreads, supcaps, titans, (crazy thing : I’ve never played with them, they were just means to another end) … all these ships allowed me to access special discord or SIG channels and therefor collecting more information. The virtuous circle was on, with information I got money, with money I got even more channels of information.


From Agent to Spymaster

2018 – November

I’ve seen a lot of information passed through, A LOT, but rarely the S+ /strategic information from the alliance. DARKNESS alliance was first and foremost "the secrets of Sort", quite possibly inherited from his spy background, or was it just the usual way to deal for experienced EVE players? Sort’s kindness was easier to gain than his trust.
Which worked for me, I rather have not his entire trust, for selfish reasons such as my moral balance.

To run the intel office within Darkness. I had to come forward with the right tools and ideas, and for that, another goon IT – recruited as a spy-, and the TIA helped me. The rest was obviously up to me, but with a year now studying the alliance, I knew how to come forward :

November 2018, I’m appointed GOTG Spymaster (well “dead-co spymaster” )


I had in my care, GOTG spies’ network, HR recruitment, “counter-intel” and more.
As a funniest result: GOTG. spies were actually working unknowingly for… TEST.


At the same time, From March 2019 to November 2019 I had to plan my corp-transition. My corporation didn't survive war after war just as I expected and anticipated a year before, and I had to get myself invited into Sort's corporation, Resilience, while I knew I might lose my Director’s access in the process. The goal was to lose a little as possible in the process without looking over-asking.

Dominos folding …

…where TEST wanted them to

At one point, I could shout from the rooftops "I'm a spy" that it wouldn't have changed a thing. As head of the intel, I could turn the situation on pretty much anyone. And I had TIA behind to push-out the person if needed.

I was also appointed a few months later as director of Resilience for my services within the alliance and had my voice and right to vote on the most critical decisions …

Such as whether or not to kill DARKNESS. In February 2020


Running intel and working as a spy requires patience and to plant ideas. You nurture seeds, growing them carefully depending on the time-gap you have to complete your agenda.


Obviously, I did more than just try, within the next days I nurtured the Idea over, and TIA got involved too,


And, with carefully seeds nurtured, Leaks shared and among other things I still can’t talk about,

We Changed the vote.


The conclusion

Spycraft is a lot of rumours but even more patience, and creativity ! Scanning and taking opportunities where they are to achieve funny things.

It’s also a lot of research, and lots of leaks to control the narrative, (and obviously fake ones). – i’m not talking about propaganda , but other kinds of narrative –

And finally, a lot of gardening, to plant and nurture seeds in people's minds, without raising suspicion that you’re the voice. The few things I’ve said on public coms was most always serving an agenda.

I took advantage of internal dramas, (especially between FCs)

I was able to proxy-create drama between Directors and CEOs.

I regulated some FC/directors careers, (they were upsetting people anyway…)

I prevented recruitments, (meh, why grow them?)

I got people kicked from corporations, (I can assure you they were only spies…)

I tried to not kick every-other spies (unless spotted by high rank people… sorry , test-mate guys that got caught )


Hey you! Fake test-member, make sure to Copy/Paste the part below too when leaking -*
Also, contact me if you want to work for us, it’s never too late to come clean and to get on the right side. Up your game being a double agent !

* INIT Intel guys , make your bidding for keeping TIA quiet*

And for those who feel “betrayed” while reading these lines : (hey, I get it, don’t lie) No, I didn't do it to hurt YOU. It never was about you.
– You can stop registering my mail account to dating websites – 😃

To the people I have met while in all these alliances, under my different nicknames, I loved playing with all of you. (no matter the grudge you can have now) –
And most of you have always been lovely, no matter what.

Special thanks for the CEO and directors of the Goon’s corp I was in, that took the time to listen to my story before we parted ways, understanding this is also a game mechanic that makes this game unique – unlike the INIT one –

This is Eve.

Yes, HOME.

Full Story as PDF with embedded pictures:

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